YouTube Go – Offline App For Slow Internet 

YouTube Go is the next app you should download to your mobile phone. YouTube- Go, an offline app for slow web, is used to transfer videos without using the internet.

In this era, YouTube has become a staple for listening to music, looking at videos and learning new things. The millennials of this era are in absolute need to spend their time scrolling through several YouTube videos.

However, due to limited connectivity issues in several areas of the world, YouTube streaming becomes somewhat difficult. YouTube Go is an app that has understood the need to have an app to stream videos in YouTuber, even in the presence of low internet speed.

YouTube Go is a data efficient app that was released in India by Google for India. The app has a smart offline feature that uses a lesser amount of data to stream videos. This is an app suited for those who are connected to slow internet services. This is also useful for people who are streaming YouTube using their SIM’s data connection.

The updated beta version of the YouTube Go app has now been released to Google Play. The app has been built from scratch and is used to focus on offline consumption of video content. The updated app asks for the mobile number of the user and ties it to their Google account. It also has a feature of telling the user which of their friends are connected to YouTube Go.  Users can share their downloaded videos to other devices by using Wi-Fi connection without the use of bandwidth.

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YouTube Go is your everyday companion even under the presence of limited data connection. With this app you can:

  • Discover popular videos of songs, TV Shows, movies, fashion, comedy, How-to, cooking, DIY and many more.
  • Download the favorite videos of your choice and watch them with ease,
  • Control your storage and data
  • Share videos

The YouTube Go is a lightweight app with a good user interface. It is only 9 MB in size. You can preview videos before downloading or watching them, and you can also choose the number of MB you can use on videos.

Upon downloading the video, you can play them without any buffering. The videos can be watched anytime and anywhere, even without the presence of internet connection. You can also share the videos with family and friends nearby.

The video transferability of the app uses no data, and the sharing of videos occurs at a super-fast speed. This is a super-fast app which does not hog up your RAM. It is made to work on slow speeds and less storage, so use the app without any issue. Download the app and use it now!!

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