How to create Wi-Fi hotspot for your iPad, using your iPhone

iPads generally have Wi-Fi functionalities only. When you are in an area with the absence of Wi-Fi and need to access the internet and work upon it immediately, what do you do? Run around in search of a Wi-Fi connection? No, not the ideal solution. The best way to access the internet on your iPad is to use your iPhone and create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot for your iPad using the iPhone.

Best ways to create a Personal Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Open the Settings

Go to the Home Screen on your iPhone. Simply click the settings icon and get inside the settings app.

  • Personal Hotspot option

Now, you will probably notice the Personal Hotspot option in your settings app. If you fo not, then the carried you have might not allow personal hotspots in the wireless plan. Also, make it a point to check the Cellular section to find the Personal Hotspot tool. If nothing works, your carried might not be allowing the use of Personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Tap on Wi-Fi password

This is another important step to creating a personal Wi-Fi hotspot on your iPad, using your iPhone. If you do not do this, anyone who can access the SSID of your Personal Wi-Fi hotspot, can easily connect to it and use it.

  • Tap on the Wi-Fi password option
  • Set and password

In the password field, type in a strong password that you can remember later. Tap the Done button once you are done.

  • Tap on Personal Hotspot

Set the Personal Hotspot button on and your iPhone will start showing the SSID of the phone as a wireless signal.

  • Go to Settings on your iPad

Tap on the settings icon on the Home Screen of your iPad.

  • Tap in Wi-Fi

You will find this option on the left-hand pane. Once you click this, the name or the SSID of your phone will appear in the list of networks. Tap the name.

  • Enter password

Enter the password you had set earlier into the password field of the iPad. There will be a join button which you will need to click. Now enjoy Wi-Fi in your iPad and switch off the hotspot in the iPhone once you are done with your work.

If your iPhone name does not come up in the list of networks, then click on the ‘Other” button and type your Wi-Fi Hotspot username on your iPhone. Set the password next. Creating a Personal Wi-Fi hotspot for your iPad, using your iPhone is an easy task. Enjoy!

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