How to Check Who Unfollowed me on Twitter

Being unfollowed is certainly not a cool deal. If you find your follower number in twitter dwindling and want to know why there are several methods on how to see who unfollowed me on twitter. While twitter itself does not age the capacity to tell you if you have been unfollowed, there are free apps like WhoFollowedMe as well as Statesbrew which will let you in. Read on to known to methods to see who unfollowed me on twitter.



The Statusbrew mobile app needs to be installed for this. This free app can help you monitor the follower list. Open Statusbrew, sign up with twitter, authorize the app. After all of this has been done, look at the tutorial in order to understand how to use the app. Tap new followers and you can easily view the people who have stopped following you.




Statusbrew is a free website which can be opened and watched. Sign up with the application and sign up with twitter. Type your twitter username and password and authorize the application. Click on the proceed link and click your Twitter name. as in the case of the mobile app, you can click on the new unfollowers link and easily view who unfollowed me on twitter.




For this method, open the twitter counter website and sign in. authorize the counter so that it can access your twitter account. You can also follow twitter counter on twitter as well. Click on let’s get started and click the unfollowers link. There are several plans to choose from and you can select the free trial version. This will only last for a month.
If you wish to choose a paid plan, you can choose a payment method, buy a plan and you are good to go. Click on the new unfollowers tab in order to know the people who have unfollowed you.




Navigate to the WhoUnfollowedMe site. Note that for more than 77000 followers, you will have to choose a paid plan. After navigating to the site, sign in with twitter and authorize the app to access your twitter account. Sign in and click the Unfollowers link in order to find out who unfollowed you.




This is another method to known Whounfollowed you on twitter. Navigate to the TwittaQuitta site, log in with twitter and authorize the TwittaQuitta to use your account. You will also have to authorize your email address. An email will be sent from TwittaQuitaa which contains the link to be directed to the signup process. You will get mails from TwittaQuitta and you can easily view the people who have unfollowed you on twitter.




This is another site which can be used to see who unfollowed you on twitter. Navigate to the site and type your twitter username in the first box. In the second box, type your email address and then click subscribe for the report. You will get a daily report of the number of unfollowers you obtain. You can unsubscribe from it at any time required.

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