Watch Youtube Videos Without Internet

YouTube, the largest video sharing website in the world has launched new feature in Nepal that enables users to watch YouTube videos without internet connection as well. This feature is not enabled for desktop users but mobile/tablet users only.

This concept is offline feature for which the user has to save the video while connected to the internet and then can use offline as well. This feature may be handy for all Nepalese suffering from hours of load-shedding as the user can save the videos on the load-shedding free hours and then watch during the load-shedding time.

How To Watch YouTube Videos Without Internet ?

For this you need to click on the download button on the left side and you will be allowed to select the quality of video you want to watch. After the video download is completed you can watch the video offline but the internet connection should be available to download the video at first. The saved video can be watched up to 48 hrs or you have to reconnect to the internet within 48 hrs so that the saved video may not be deleted.

However you may not be able to watch all the videos on the YouTube offline. For this the owner of the video has to enable the video for offline download. Also the no of times you watch the video will be automatically added will be added on the YouTube watch counter once you go online.

Downloading the video through this feature does not mean that you have downloaded the video on your device but is temporary download for view within 48 hrs. Also the downloaded size will be lesser than that of the original video size. To use this feature on your device you need to update your YouTube app to its latest version.

Hope you are enjoying watching YouTube videos offline. Do not forget to share your experience of using this latest offline feature YouTube launched in Nepal with us on the comment box below.

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