Top 10 Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal

Pokhara is known as the Lake City of Nepal and this is an apt name as the city is actually surrounded by a number of Lakes which reflects the aura and the beauty of the mighty peaks that are clearly visible from Pokhara. Which are the top 10 places to visit in Pokhara Nepal? How can you get the best out of visiting this awesome city? Read on to find out which places are better to visit in Pokhara Nepal.

Best Places to Visit in Pokhara Nepal

1. Phewa Lake

The largest lake in the valley of Pokhara attracts more visitors than all the others combined. There are a whole lot of hotels and restaurants situated near the lake and this lake and its enchanting beauty is what has made Pokhara popular. Boating in the lake and observing the mighty peaks of the Annapurna region is highly recommended to anyone visiting Pokhara.

2. Begnas Lake

This is yet another top 10 places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal. Its scenic beauty amalgamated with greenery all around makes it a serene lake to put your eyes on.

3. Rupa Lake

Though a less visited lake in Pokhara, it offers spectacular beauty like the former two lakes do. It is situated at a distance of fifteen kilometers from the city and will offer you with views of the Annapurna Himal majestically lying on the background.

4. Barahi Temple

This temple is situated in between the island surrounded by the Phewa Lake. Dedicated to Goddess Barahi, one must visit this temple to known the actual beauty of the Phewa Lake.

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5. Sarangkot

This is yet another top 10 places to visit in Pokhara. Situated at a height away from the city of Pokhara, this viewpoint offers majestic views of the Phewa Lake and the Pokhara valley around it. Sunrise views from Sarangkot showcases the panorama of the Annapurna South, Macchapuchre as well as LamjungHimal standing proud and tall.

6. World Peace Pagoda

As the name suggests, this peaceful location is a vantage point for views of the Himalayas. It is a Buddhist Stupa with an impressive architecture worth noting.

7. The Old Bazar

The traditional bazar of Pokhara is another location worth visiting. It is filled with chances to observe the ethnically diverse traders, Newar architecture as well as craftsmanship in souvenirs you can buy for people back home.

8. Davis Fall

Name after the person Davis who dies when taking a bath in the waterfall, this is yet another natural beauty to be appreciated. It is the drainage of the Phewa Lake.

9. Gupteshore Gufa

Situated underneath the Davis Falls, this cave is 3 kilometers long and comprises of the phallic symbol of the mighty Lord Shiva.

10. BindyaBasini Temple

This temple holds religious significance and is dedicated to the manifestation of Goddess Shakti, Goddess Bhagwati. The sacrifice of animals to appease the gods and fulfill one’s wishes is done here.

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