How to Upload 360 Photos to Facebook from Mobile?

The arena of photography has reached a new level with the advent of 360 Degree photos. 360-degree photos are also called as full panoramas and this new trend captures the complete view of you and your surroundings. How to post and upload 360 photos to Facebook from Mobile [Android and IOS]? How does your friend in Facebook do it? How can you post cool 360-degree photos to a new location you have been to or an interesting event you are in?

The good news is that Facebook does support 360 photos or full panorama photos. So it is a pretty easy process to post and upload 360 photos to Facebook from mobile. Your friends can simply view the complete photo by rotating the phone or moving the photo to the required direction. Read this tutorial to post and upload 360 photos to Facebook from mobile.

What do you need?

The pre-requisites required to post and upload 360 photos to Facebook from mobile are:

  • A 360-degree photo or a full panorama photo is the first pre-requisite. This photo should be copied from the camera to the phone storage. This step is necessary to ensure that you can easily post and upload 360 photos to Facebook from mobile. To copy the photo from the camera to the phone storage, use Wi-Fi.
  • An even important pre-requisite is a Facebook App. The app should be installed in your phone, photos can also be uploaded without a Facebook app, but you will not be able to select the Start Screen of the photo when you do not use the app. Hence, using the app is highly recommended to post and upload 360 photos to Facebook from mobile.
  • Another pre-requisite is an Android phone. The procedure, however, is same on both Android and iPhone.

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What steps do you need to follow?

  • After copying the photo to phone storage, open the Facebook app. Navigate to Profile.
  • Select the “Photo” option in the “What’s on your mind?” section.
  • The photos of your phone gallery will be shown.
  • Check for the presence of a globe icon inside the thumbnails of the photo. Select the 360 photo that you wish to upload. Facebook automatically detects the photo type. The globe icon in the thumbnail indicates the 360 photo.
  • Simply select the 360 photos that you want to upload, after uploading, click done.
  • The photos will now be uploaded to the server. Swipe to select the first screen Starting View. The First Screen or starting view is the first thumbnail which appears in the profile. Select the best view inside the 360 photo. Swipe right to left and up to down to select the best view.
  • Type a caption for the photo next. You can also tag location and your friends.
  • Simply tap on Post button situated in the top right-hand corner. This will upload or post the photo to Facebook.

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