How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password?

Did a child enter the wrong mistake in your phone several times and rendered it locked? Or did you forget the password or the pattern to enter your phone? This is a common occurrence and might happen to anyone. When this happens, it’s mostly required to reset the entire phone or lose some data in order to open it. However, don’t panic. There is a list of tips and tricks that can be carried out to unlock android phone without a password. Solve your problem by scrolling through the below-mentioned methods to unlock android phone without a password. Follow the guide and unlock your phone according to the specific problem you are dealing with.


  • Remember your password but locked out due to excessive pattern attempts?

This problem is the most common one, and the solution for this is easy too. Firstly you can wait until the timer counts down and try again. Or, you can access it with your Google Account by use of a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and enter the correct account details. After doing so, the lock code will reset and you can access your phone with ease.

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  • Forgot password as well as lock pattern?

There is almost always an option of “forgot password?” in the area where you will enter your password or pattern. Click it and you will be taken to the screen where you can enter the Google username and password. After this, you will be asked to change the password and lock pattern. For next time, use a password and pattern that you will remember even in the time to come. You will then not have to search about how to unlock android phone without a password.

  • Your device does not accept the correct Google ID and Password?

Go to AuthSubTokens

( and enter your login details. If your Android Phone is listed, the “Android Phone” button will be showcased. Revoke the access for the device and generate a new password now.

To generate the password, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the option “Generate New Application Specific Password”. Enter any name; click on “Generate Password” and a 16 digit password will be generated bow. Enter this password to the Android Device and enter the Google ID. You can now access your mobile phone with the password.
If the “generate password” option is disabled, a 2 step verification is required. Follow the 2-Step verification link in Google and set it up. Depending upon the Android Device you use, Google will give you options to generate the new password and access the Android device by use of the 2-Step verification process.

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  • Forgot your password recovery account credentials?

This is another problem that is common. How to unlock android phone without password in this case?

If you do not have access to your Google Account username and password, then reset the password using the below-mentioned steps and use the new password to access your device.

Go to the Accounts Delivery Page and choose I don’t know my password option. Enter the email of the account that your device is registered in. If you don’t remember the email account then reset the password from another device that is already logged on with the Google account.
If you can remember any recent password then enter it or click on I Don’t remember. Enter your mobile number next and Google will send a verification code to your number, which can be entered and used to reset the password. Use the new password in your device now.

If you do not remember your mobile number, then click on Verify Your identity. After this, Google will ask several questions that you will need to answer using available information. Finally, you might be able to recover your Google ID and log into your device.

If you still cannot access the device, use a paid app which is available in the Google Play Station.

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  • Unlocking a phone without a registered Gmail Account

Unfortunately, if you have not registered your Android device using a Gmail device then you will have to perform Factory Reset. There is no other option to gaining access back to the phone. This will erase all your data. Remove the SD card, however, to save some of your photos and music. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset the phone.
Firstly connect the device to a computer USB port and the device will be shown under the My computer option. Save your pictures from under the DCIM folder. Repeat the process for any other folder you would want to save.

To factory reset, turn off the device and then press the Power and Volume up and down button/ this will give rise to the Factory Data Reset option and then tap on the Factory Data Reset option. All of your data will be lost this way, but if none of the other mentioned steps work for you.

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