Uninstall These Apps From Your Phone Immediately

Recently more than one million users are found to be affected by the infected app but these app has been removed by the Google play store. On December 29, these suspicious apps were detected by the Google security. The app is programmed by the same developer and is harmful for the android phones. The hackers has hacked server of brain test malware to explore the virus. After the brain test updates, user has got new commands and control.

Malicious software family has detected these 13 android apps to be infected and recently contacted Google which promptly delete these app form the play store according to the Google security research personnel these app downloads unnecessary files without user permission. These apps basically detect if the device is rooted and it copies many unnecessary files to the system. These copied files are not deleted by factory reset because this process does not clear the system partition. List of infected apps removed from the play store are:

cake blast
jump planet
honey comb
piggy jump
crazy block
crazy jelly
tiny puzzle
ninja hook
Just fire
hit planet
cake tower
drag box
eat bubble

If your device has got this app, first you need to back up your important data of your phone and re-flash stock update which is released by the manufacture. Apps out of the Google play store are harmful and they may damage your android phone and important files so while downloading the app user must download only from Google play store. If there is any certain change in control and function of the app recently you need to contact to the developer or you need to delete it. If you got and file downloaded without your permission then you need to know that there is any wrong app in your phone and you need to delete that app recently. Now a days many android phones has got problem due to infected app symptoms of the virus are, your phone function slowly, you will get unnecessary downloads, your files will be deleted automatically etc. so you need to check you phone and only trusted app should be downloaded from the play store.

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