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This article is about some trending Nepali apps. Highly rated and recently most downloaded apps are taken as the trending apps. Here we will discuss the three applications and their features which make them the top trending Nepali apps.

Some trending Nepali apps

Hamro Doctor

Hamro Doctor mobile app is the extended form of its official website Hair doctor is considered as the first ever health news portal of Nepal. The main aim of this app is to share the health related articles along with other related health stuff.

Hamro Doctor will give you the information about doctors, hospitals, diseases, health news, ambulances, and blood donors. All the information are contained within the features provided by this app. You can directly search your interest. If you cannot find your interest then you can ask the question to the expert by using the feature of ask experts.

Hamro Doctor is the first initiated by health journalist and now it is becoming first choice health app for Nepali. Without any doubt, Hamro Doctor is the most have Nepali app. A Recent version of this app added the offline support and added more clinics to make this app more effective. With good ratings on Google Play Store, this app is the top trending app in Nepal.

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Nepali Guffadi

Do you love trolling? If yes then Nepali Guffadi is now the most used and highly rated Nepali app to create the troll images. Lots of default Nepali troll images are categorized in different categories. You can pick any of them and share directly to social networks from this app. You are allowed to make your own meme. Making meme is easy and also you can share them as you like.

This app is also highly rated Nepali app that available on Google Play Store. Making Memes is becoming popular day by day and it is one of the best ways to entertain your friends and other people around you. That’s why this app is the top trending Nepali app.

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GK Quiz – Nepali Samanya Gyan

If you want to strengthen your general knowledge then use GK Quiz – Nepali Samanya Gyan; which will be helpful for you. You can download offline GK Quiz – Nepali Samanya Gyan for offline purpose. This app benefits for your Lok Sewa preparation, Quiz competition, Entrance, and any other test preparation. Developers update this app regularly so that new terms can be introduced in the field of general knowledge.

The main topics that included by this app are Basic General Knowledge, Famous Personalities, World Geography, Inventions, Sports, Nepal, Honors and Awards, Aptitude Test Technology etc. Click on the topic for more detail.

All three applications mentioned in this article are free and easy to use. In recent days the demand of these apps is increasing. These apps have got good ratings and reviews on Play Store so, that you can use the app as your requirements. All three apps are not from the same category, therefore, you can use all the apps from above.

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