Transfer Music/Photos/Videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes

iTunes is the default app utilized for transferring photos, music, and videos from one computer to another. However, there are some apps that do the same and even more without needing iTunes. With these apps, you will not need to carry a data cable everywhere or tell your friend to install iTunes on the computer.  How to transfer music/ photos/ videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes? AirMore is a free app to do so. The free app lets you transfer photos/ music and videos from an iPhone to Computer wirelessly. iOS users can now transfer anything in a few minutes with the use of this app.

Transfer Music/Photos/videos to iPhone without iTunes

How to Start?

  1. Install AirMore in your iPhone.
  2. Download it from the App Store and install it.

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How to connect?

  1. Open the downloaded app on the iPhone.
  2. Open the site on the computer where you need the music/videos/photos transferred.
  3. A button that says “Launch AirMore Web to Connect” is seen on the computer. Click it.
  4. A QR code and Radar option will now be visible on the screen. You have the option to connect using one of the two options.

For QR code

1. The QR code is present on the screen of the computer.
2. Click on scan to connect on the iPhone and scan the QR code visible on the computer.

On choosing the Radar option

  1. Upon clicking the Radar option, the available iPhone withing the network connection will be scanned,
  2. Click on the iPhone icon seen on the Radar and click Accept upon getting the request in the iPhone.

Transfer music/photos/videos

  1. A number of options will be available on the left side of the computer screen,
  2. Click on the option indicating Music. You will find the Import option on the top of the screen, Click on the option,
  3. Choose the music to be transferred and it will be saved on the iPhone.

Repeat the similar process for sharing Video/ Picture. Documents files and other important directories from your computer to iPhone and vice versa can be easily transferred with the use of AirMore app. Use it and you are good to go.

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