How much is a tourist visa for Nepal?

For foreigners, visiting Nepal is a pretty easy thing. Visas will be made available to foreigners in the International Airport in Kathmandu. Visas are also made available across all land border crossings which are made open to foreigners in Nepal. You must have passport photos and should be able to pay the tourist visa fee in foreign currency and you are good to go. Another added requirement is that the validity of your passport should at least be six months.

Tourist Visa for Nepal

Except Indians, all foreigners must have a visa which can be obtained without fuss. You can also get one upon arrival at the International Airport or in the road borders at several places. Three to six months is the validity of the tourist visa after being issues and while children below 10 need a visa, they will not be charged for it. If you are entering Nepal once a year and if you belong to a South Asian country, your visa charge is free.

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For obtaining a visa upon arrival, fill up a form. For 15/30/90 day visa costs about 25/40/100 US Dollars. It can be paid at the international airport in any major currency. For getting your visa in land borders, payment should be in US Dollars. Overstaying will require the fine of 3 US dollars per day to be paid. Getting Indian Visa in Nepal is not a process to be undertaken easily and will require applying for it from the India service center. The size of the photo required too is larger than a passport size.

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Extending your Visa

This can be done from immigration offices in Kathmandu with the price of 30 US Dollars to be paid for a 15-day extension. For 30 days, its 50 US dollars while extending multiple entry visas requires 20 US dollars. For later than that, US 2 per day is added. Extending Visa requires another application to be filled. They can be obtained within the same day in about 2 hours.

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