Which Mobile app is best for TOEFL Practice?

Are you in an attempt to study abroad? Are you looking forward to studying TOEFL and try for your future studies in foreign universities? Taking classes is too mainstream if the answer to the above questions is a yes. Master TOEFL with your fingertips and at the comfort of your mobile phones in your hand. Master the most important TOEFL vocabulary words with the TOEFL practice. Learn TOEFL from the mobile app and master it for free.

Mobile App for TOEFL Practice

The TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards app puts an end to all of your TOEFL-related problems. The highly rated flashcards in the app consist of more than 600 important TOEFL vocabulary words. You can practice every day and improve your English vocabulary. The attractive features of the app include:

  • All the words, definitions, meanings and sentences of the flashcards are carefully written by the expertise of TOEFL. They include Chris Lele and Lucas Fink.
  • There are 600 flashcards all written by TOEFL experts.
  • There are definitions for every word so that you knew what each actually means.
  • Example sentences are provided for every word. Sentences help you understand where the words need to be put in a more effective and efficient manner.
  • The flashcards have been placed in an order, depending on the difficulty level. The difficulty levels include easy, intermediate and advanced. Each difficulty level consists of a lost of words which are suitable for the difficulty level. Master the easy one and then move forward to master it all.
  • You can also track your progress as you study and master the important TOEFL words from the TOEFL study from the mobile app.
  • There is also a smart algorithm which specifies which cards you should use to be able to learn vocabulary in a faster way.

You will require to log in with a Magoosh account, to access all the cards of the TOEFL from the mobile app. This account will help you track your progress and will give you access to all the cards.

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