How to Survive a Long Flight With Just Your Smartphone

You might be the lucky client to be able to enjoy the luxury of having a television for entertainment when you go on a long flight. You might also be the kind of person who has to sit on a tin can for several hours without anything to do. Whatever be the case, we give the ideas that can be used to survive a long flight with just your smartphone. Mobile phones are your most dependable gadget and can help time to quite literally fly by.

Read on to find out how you can survive a long flight with just your smartphone.

  1. Install an e-reader app

A long flight can be survived by reading books. Bookworms should make use of many free e-reader apps that are available online. Some of the best ones include the likes of Kindle and Kobo, which can give you access to as much literature as you want. You won’t even need to use an extra device.

These apps give you access to free ebooks as well as the ones that you can buy with ease. Download a handful of books and make the flight an academically memorable one.

  1. Cache media for offline use

Make sure that you make plenty of playlists ready to be listened to when you are on the flight. Download your best songs, create your favorite playlist and be ready to listen to it as you are on the go. Also, download some movies and TV shows that you like. This is assuming that you have extra capacity on your handset.

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  1. Queue up the read-it-later apps

If a proper book does not tempt you, catch up on some online reading. A decent read-it-later app is worth downloading for your long flight. It is a great opportunity to survive a long flight with just your smartphone. You can also hunt back through your RSS reader or Twitter favorites to find the articles you never got a chance to read in the past time.

  1. Try ambient music

The best way to survive a long flight is to forget the regular music you listen to and transport yourself somewhere else using the power of your mind, drift away with ambient sounds in offline mode. There are also some meditation apps to pick from.

  1. Creativity goes a long way

Be creative. Being on the airplane does not necessarily mean that you have to sit in one position for the entire day. Focus on what is right in front of your, create a project, and survive the long flight. Install a doodling app, music composition app, video editing app or a writing app to make your inner power and skills come up to the surface. You can also fall back on addictive and mind boggling games to pass your time.

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