How to Stop Unwanted Phone Calls

Unwanted calls certainly disturb you and your mood in an instant. With the hands of technology and easy communication access reaching almost every corner of the world, there are some bad sides to the behavior exhibited by some individuals who misuse this. How to put a stop to unwanted calls from unwanted people easily? How to stop oneself from being bothered? Read and find out the best way of how to stop unwanted phone calls?

How to Stop Unwanted Phone?

1. Stopping at the Source

a) The do not call registry

There is a list if telephone numbers and owners who refuse to receive the calls by telemarketers and unwanted people. Every country has a different policy in this matter and you can easily be free from unwanted calls. However, you can still be called by organizations that you are already in business with, which do not do unsolicited advertisements and which have previously been given the permission to call you.

b) The annoyance department

This facility too differs from country to country. You can tap in and call the annoyance department which will trap your line and will no allow some users or callers to contact you.

c) Request your number to be put on the do not call list

If you are getting annoyed by constant calling, you can request to place your number on the do-not-call list and telemarketers will do so. According to the FCC, your number will be put on the list for five years.

d) Finding the source

You can easily search the internet in order to know who is calling you and take corrective action as required.

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2. Blocking calls at the receiver side

Blocking calls on your phone can be done in the following ways:

a) Using a call block app

There are a huge number of applications which can block calls from hidden numbers easily. Simply select the number and put it in the block list to stop unwanted phone calls. Applications like Blacklistcall, TrueCaller, Call Control and Call Bliss can be of use for IPhone and Android users.

b) Changing the settings in your phone

Mobiles nowadays can be altered in their settings, in order to allow them to receive only the desired phone call and block the unwanted call. Also, there are options like privacy Mode in Android and Do Not Disturb mode in IPhone to prevent you from getting disturbed.

c) Call Trapping

TrapCall is a service that forces the caller to reveal the calling number. This can work well in case of IPhone and Android and can stop unwanted phone calls easily.

d) Custom calling services in landline

Landline service providers also have a range of services and call blocking facilities that can be requested for use. With a monthly fee, you can easily screen a call, induce priority ringing, return call etc. depending on your location and country.

e) Inbound call blocker

For landline, you can buy an inbound call blocker which requires a code to be punched in order to reach you. This will let only the people with the code to actually reach you. This is a perfect solution to stop unwanted phone calls.

Follow any of the above-mentioned solutions in order to stop unwanted phone calls from bothering you. Stay safe and happy!!

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