Smartphone Buying Guide: 10 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Mobile

Mentioned below are the major things to consider while buying a smartphone. Are you looking to buy a new smartphone? Have you made your mind about the smartphone that you wish to buy? Then have a look at the points mentioned below and visualize if your desired smartphone ticks all the boxes or not. Are you confused about which smartphone to buy? The article below will give you a Smartphone Buying Guide somewhat clear picture of what to look for when buying a smartphone. Ponder upon the below mentioned major Smartphone buying guide to consider before buying a smartphone.

Smartphone Buying Guide

  1. Affordable plans and carriers

Before you decide to buy a mobile, consider about the carriers that the phone supports, also, each phone has a certain price, but there might be cases when the phones might come up in cheaper prices during offers. Maybe it is time to change the current provider and buy a phone from different carriers. Consider these facts before jumping to conclusions.

  1. The Operating system

Another important aspect to consider when buying a mobile phone is the operating system of the phone. If you have already decided to buy an Android based device, consider the fact that there are several versions of the software. Brush up the history of Android and decide if you need the latest version or an older version will work for you. It is, however, advisable to not buy outdated versions of Android phones but buy a phone that allows upgrades.

  1. Size and display

Can you carry around a large phone? Or will a small phone suit your needs? Do you watch movies and play games on your phone? What kind of display do you require? These are the questions you should ask yourself before deciding to buy a smartphone. If gaming and watching movies are not your genre, you can skip high-end displays and opt for smaller sizes. There is a wide range of options ranging from AMOLED to LCD screens. LCD screens tend to be brighter while AMOLED display offers a sharper contrast and saturated colors.

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  1. Internal memory or space

If you are one of those camera freaks who carry around all photos in your mobile, or an avid music person who listens to a huge number of songs all the time, then it is dire for you to buy a phone with more storage space. Do not always check the sticker, but also take a look at the space consumed by the preinstalled apps. A larger internal memory is always recommended over using an external card. Think about the amount of memory you will actually use, and opt for smaller versions if you don’t need it too much.

  1. Processor

The hub of the device, the processor indicates the overall performance of the mobile phone. Qualcomm and MediaTek are safe bets when it comes to processor. For a processor to work at its best, the available RAM is also a crucial factor. Look at the combination of two. This is a major thing to consider when buying a smartphone.

  1. Battery Life

Battery life is another major thing to consider before buying a smartphone. The high amount of mAh does not always mean more battery life. However, screens with higher resolution take up more battery power, and latest processors, however, play the role of optimizing battery life. Check the reviews about battery life and benchmark it against your needs to settle for the best phone with the best battery life.

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  1. Design and functionality

Another major thing to consider when buying a smartphone is the design and functionality of the smartphone, the personal taste of the person comes to play in this case. There are some who prefer a sinuous design while some others like a sturdier look. Decide on the look you want and opt for the mobile of the choice. Designs are based on functionalities. A metal body can be stylish but might prevent you from using features like a microSD. Check the quality and the build of the device and settle for what you need.

  1. Camera

Another essential thing to look for when buying a smartphone is the camera. More attention is being paid to camera quality and features lately. Do not dwell too much on the sheet numbers and mega pixels. However, it is the perfect fit of auto focus, stabilization, manual modes and special effects all play an important role in detecting the camera quality, opt for reviews and stick by it. Start the camera app and check the camera quality to be sure, before you buy a smartphone.

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  1. Functions and software

Are you in need of a phone that has everything ranging from a heart rate monitor, to finger print sensor to a UV sensor? Or are you the more subtle types? You have a wide range of choices when it comes to the software and functionalities offered by the phone. Do not limit yourself to buying phones based on hardware features but rather opt for finding out the software features of the phone in-depth. Thoroughly investigate the system and do not stop at appearances.

  1. Price

Last but not the least on our list of major things to consider before buying a smartphone is the price. If you have a militant budget, this is the most important consideration. Is it worth to use all of your salaries into buying a smartphone or do you have other preferences? Be informed that in the same price range, some devices are better than the others and make your wise choice.

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