How to Screen Record on Mobile Through App

There are instances when you might have the need to screen record on a mobile. How to screen record on mobile through the app? Recording a screen video might be essential to record some of your games or some photos or videos. Which apps are the best suited for this purpose? How can you achieve the need of screen record through mobile by use of apps? Read on to find out.


1. AZ Screen Recorder- No Root

This is one of the best apps to record the screen of Lollipop. It can be characterized by the absence of the need of rooting. This free app is easy to use and recording starts with one button. The AZ Screen recorders let people record the screen in FullHD as well as HD. It can be paused as well as resumed when recording. Other functions include:



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  • Record audio from the mic.
  • Can be used to create promotional video and tutorials.
  • Floating window on top helps snap the exact moment on every time.
  • Magic Button is a button that records the screen but does not show that recording is being done, this way, users can solely focus on the app they are using or the game they are playing.
  • The Countdown Timer is used to start and stop at the required moment.
  • Overlay front camera can record the emotions and face in an overlay window. The overlay window can be dragged to any position on the screen and the size is customizable too.
  • You can also trim the videos and select and de-select the necessary and unnecessary parts respectively.
  • You can emphasize something, mark something or create a symbol on the screen with any color in your video. The Draw on Screen option is suitable for creating tutorials.
  • You can also update to the pro version by paying a donation amount.




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2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

This is another way to screen record on mobile through the app. This is another easy to use screen recorder that allows easy recording, edit, and capture. The free app can help you record the screen videos in Full HD. 1080P resolution is the highest quality supplied. Other features include:

  • The Facecam feature helps you capture your reactions freely when recording game sound,
  • You can save the long videos on the External SD Card.
  • The Clean Recording Mode helps you record a clean screen Without a Watermark.
  • You can also cut or trim images. The video quality can be improved by using a huge number of Video Editing Features preset in the app.
  • No rooting is required from OS 4.4.



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3. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

The Rec app is another screen record on mobile through the app. This app requires rooting only for Android 4.4. The app will work seamlessly on a future version, however. It provides flexible, fully configuration recording capabilities. The intuitive user experience it provides is unparalleled to any, other features include:



  • Audio recording using a mic is available.
  • The recording does not require the mobile to be connected to the computer.
  • The user interface is intuitive and there is no need to mess with the command line.
  • Longer screen recording is available. The 1-hour recording is available.
  • The customizable countdown timer is another option that helps screen recording become perfect.
  • To stop recording, simply shake your device or switch off the screen.
  • Favorite configurations of video recording can be saved as preset.




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