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Are you waiting for the latest Sagoon app? Just recently mobile app has been released to the play store. This mobile app was launched by Bollywood start ShraddhaKapoor on 9th January, New Delhi.

So what is the Sagoon app? What is its usability? Sagoon was created by a Nepali founder Govinda Giri and cofounded by Swati Dayal. This was previously available in the desktop version and is now available in the Android version.

The app is designed particularly for secret messaging. If you are looking for an app to communicate with your loved ones, family or friends secretly, then this is the app you are looking for. There have been cases when a relationship turned sour has resulted in the personal messages between two people becoming publicized. This app has been created to reduce such incidents from happening.

This app had been on demand for a long time, and much to the happiness of people all over the world, the startup ICT Company Sagoon has released the trial version of the app into the Play Store.

Highlight Features of Sagoon App

The app has been created to target the people of South Asian countries and is undoubtedly set to expand to other horizons real soon. The app has delivered what it promised and has been winning the hearts of a lot of people all over Asian countries.

The web app which was on a desktop version has slowly entered into mobile sets through its Android version. The main idea behind the app is to safeguard the messages between two people. Security and privacy of a person are the main ideas about the Sagoon App.

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The photos, text, video sent through the app get deleted automatically once the desired person receives the messages. It has been expected that with the Android release of the app in the Play Store, the app is set to get famous with mobile users all over. You can also schedule your daily timetable and share it with your friends and family members.

The people who get your schedule can know what you are up to in every instant. The calendar helps your closed ones look at your schedule and make plans accordingly.

If you are a busy person with little time to spare, you can share your schedule with friends and let them decide for your gatherings or other programs.  You can create daily or weekly schedules.

There is also an app named Today’s Secret embedded into the app. You can share your every day, secret conversation with friends and family. You can also customize your memorable daily events and share it with loved ones in an instant.

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Sagoon web app can be easily said to be an all in one app. The motto of the app is “Connect, Share, Earn,” and the app lives up to its name. It helps you connect with people, share your emotions and also helps you earn some money when using the app. The app has features like My Day, Secret, Mood Talk, etc. embedded into it.

The app has a sophisticated user interface designed to make it a good experience for users. It is difficult to use at first, but later it becomes a fun app to be using. To maintain privacy on social networking sites, Sagoon app is undoubtedly set to be a good example. In this era when your texts, messages, and photos can easily be used for evil purposes, Sagoon app is undoubtedly set to give some relief to you.

Before the app was officially launched on January 9, its trial version was already made available in Play Store, and the app got many good reviews. The app had been developed over the duration of about ten months, and the app was anticipated by a vast number of people and is surely set to obtain a lot of success in the days to come. Download Now.

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