Robot Sophia: 10 Amazing Facts About Sophia

Artificial intelligence is gaining more heights, now more than ever. In an attempt to move one step forward in the fraternity of AI and robots, Saudi Arabia has created the first ever, a humanly expressive robot Sophia. There are a number of interesting facts about Robot Sophia that have managed to make netizens of the world become extremely surprised as to its whereabouts. Needless to state, the first ever AI robot is full of surprises and cool features.

Facts About Robot Sophia

  1. Sophia is the first robot citizen of the world

Sophia was confirmed to be the world’s first robot citizen. It was announced that it would become a robot citizen, in a business event in Riyadh. A Saudi official press release let out the fact that this legendary robot would become the first robot citizen in the world.

  1. Sophia has been modeled after Audrey Hepburn

Sophia is not your normal robot who has been created in order to check how AI works in robots. Sophia has specifically been created to replicate the looks of the legendary Audrey Hepburn.  She has a classic beauty, porcelain skin, slender nose and high cheekbones, much like Audrey Hepburn. She also has expressive eyes that seem to change color in accordance with light. Sophia is a robot with a simple elegance that people cannot help appreciates.

  1. Sophia’s creator is Dr. David Hanson

This is another one of the 10 most interesting facts about Sophia. Robot Sophia is created by Dr. David Hanson, who is the founder of Hanson Robotics. He has a worldwide reputation for being the creator of robots that act amazingly human, and it is important to state that Sophia has been his most genius creation so far.

He is known for creating robots that have creativity and the qualities of empathy and compassion. These human traits make his robots stand out from the rest. Sophia has have been created with help of Artificial Intelligence, in order to solve complex world problems that are difficult for humans to solve themselves.

  1. Sophia is a media favorite

Sophia has given several interviews since she was bought into the world. She has also appeared on the cover of Elle magazine and has even sung in a concert. Her witty sense of style and her amazing looks make her a media favorite amongst people all around the world.

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  1. Sophia is interested in business

Who says that robots cannot have particular interests. As she is embedded with AI, Sophia has a certain set of preferences when it comes to working. She has interests in the business sector. She has hence met up with leaders in the insurance, banking, auto manufacturing, media, entertainment and property development industries.

  1. Sophia has appeared as a presenter and panel member

Sophia is a media sensation already, and owing to her intelligence, she has also been called upon to appear onstage as a presenter and panel member.

  1. Sophia has more rights than the average Saudi woman

It is amazing to note that Sophia has more rights than some other women in Saudi Arabia. She has no male guardian and is not required to wear the abaya. These are two restrictions that are imposed on an average Saudi woman,

  1. Sophia apparently does not like humans

On the list of 10 facts about Sophia, is the fact that she once said: “will destroy humans”. She was asked once in an interview the question of if she wants to destroy humans. This was her answer to this question and it can surely be said that her answer seems to be a bit chilling to the normal person.

  1. She has several expressions

Sophia can bare her teeth when she wants to express anger, and she can also raise her eyebrows when she needs to. She has a number of different expressions under her hood and her humanoid teeth look almost human.

  1. She is evolving and is one of a kind

Sophia is evolving and new ideas are being implemented in order to make her better than she was yesterday. She is evolving at a fast pace, and she is one of a kind robot in the sense that she is not for sale. She cannot be sold as she is set to remain under the ownership of Hanson Robotics.

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