10 Best Restaurants in Thamel Kathmandu

Thamel has aptly been named the hotspot of all activities in the capital city of Kathmandu. Usually packed with foreigners as well as local people who wish to have a good time, the ancient Bazaar of Thamel is the best area to spend a night and have a good time. With the long list of confusing streets, architecture;l beauty, availability of souvenirs and other important materials and the promise of a perfect nightlife, Thamel is full of restaurants worth eating and spending some time in. Which restaurants are the best ones in Thamel? Choosing the 10 best restaurants in Thamel seems a daunting task, given the extremely high number of restaurants available. Here we present the top 10 Best Restaurants in Thamel on basis of rating.

Best Restaurants in Thamel

  • Oliva Café

the first position has been taken over by the Oliva Café which is situated on JP Road. Explore it for great tea and a friendly staff.

  • Samsara Restaurant

This restaurant is in the second position in the list of top 10 restaurants in Thamel worth getting a bite in. it is situated in Hotel Nirvana Garden in JP Marg and has a nice courtyard and delicious food.

  • Anatolia Restaurant

For a taste of something different than traditional Nepali cuisine, visit the Anatolia Restaurant for delicious Indian, Turkish as well as Middle Eastern suicide. Don’t worry; the restaurant is good in Nepali cuisine too. It is also situated in JP Marg.

  • Blueberry Kitchen and Coffee Shop

Situated strategically in Chetrapati near Paknajol, the restaurant offers a great ambiance and specializes in Italian, American as well as European cuisine along with Nepali.

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  • Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop

This restaurant is placed in ThamelMarga and offers excellent food services. Remember it for specialized Indiana, European, Asian and Nicolai cuisine.

  • Kathmandu Steak Hosue Restaurant

This is situated in ChaksibariMarg in Thamel. This one of a kind restaurant specializes in steakhouse type food and has a Nepali Bar as well as Asian cuisine.

  • Frens Kitchen Restaurant

This restaurant is situated near JyathaGalli in Thamel. It has the best breakfast in Kathmandu with specialized Indian, Asian, International and European cuisine.

  • Utse Restaurant

Situated in Jyatha in Thamel, this place specializes in Asian cuisine. With a range of soups and unique Tibetan food items, it is suited for being on the list of the 10 Best Restaurants in Thamel.

  • Pilgrims 24 Restaurant and Bar

This place has its own ambiance and warmth to it. Situated in Kwabahal, this great place offers Pizza, Pub items as well as Nepali and Indian cuisine.

  • Mahaaja

This restaurant is located in Thaity, Thamel and has Japanese, Asian, Fusion and Nepali cuisines. It is famous for fusion food as well.

So these are the 10 best restaurants situated in the Thamel area of Nepal. Don’t forget to visit and have a good time.

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