How to Record Phone Calls on an iPhone

Who might be a journalist who wants to record phone interviews a business personality who needs to revisit phone conferences? In order to become better in communication and to record calls properly, you might need to record phone calls on an iPhone. This article will illustrate 5 best ways to record phone calls on an iPhone.

Best ways to Record Phone Calls on an iPhone?

  • Using hardware

For this, you will need to download recording software to your iPad or your Macbook. Steps involved are:

  1. You will need an iPad or a MacBook with installed microphone.
  2. QuickTime Player is the best app for Macintosh while Sound Recorder is better for PC. Audacity is the application suitable for all platforms.
  3. Place the iPhone in front of you in a quiet room. The noisy room will make the recorder record the noises of the room.
  4. Make sure the microphone of the iPad or MacBook is near your phone. You can also use an external mic.
  5. Launch the recording application in your iPhone and make a sample recording to make sure that the application is working well.
  6. Adjust the input of your recording software if you do not see the recording meter respond.
  7. Make you a phone call and set the application to record mode.
  8. Finalize the recording after hanging up the phone by stopping the recorder.

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  • Using the Google voice

This is another method to record phone calls on your iPhone. Steps involved are:

  1. Sing up for Google voice by visiting Log in using your Google account and click on Get a Voice number.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to determine the Google phone number that you will be using. You can choose to use the existing number or get a new number for Google Voice. Research your options carefully before doing this.
  3. Google Voice is only available in the US.
  4. Set up the Google Voice account for recording calls. For this open the computer and log into Google Voice.
  5. Navigate to, click on the Settings icon, click on Calls tab, check the checkbox to the right of Call Options.
  6. Click on Save Changes and this will enable call recording.
  7. After doing this, every time you are on a call, you can press 4 for recording. To stop the recording, press 4 again.
  8. Note that Google Voice will announce to all the involved parties that the call is being recorded.

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  • The third party calling apps

The third party calling apps are another solution to record calls on an iPhone. Steps involved are:

  1. Download a third party calling app like Skype.
  2. Create an account by following the instructions on the screen of the downloaded app. Click on Create an account and select a username and password.
  3. Download another app for sound/voice recording. Many of such apps are available for iPhone. Test the app before you actually consider downloading it.
  4. Launch the recording app. Some apps can operate in the foreground while some do so in the background.
  5. A third party calling app is required as recording apps do not generally function during normal calls. For calls on Skype, the recording apps can work well.
  6. Record the call and the recorded call can then be downloaded to the computer.

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  • iPhone App

Using an iPhone app is another solution to record calls on an iPhone. Steps involved are:

  1. Visit the App Store and download the required app.
  2. Note that legal complications make Apple shut down the in-phone recording applications when a call starts. For you to be able to record calls, you must have three-way calling included in your phone plan. Some apps route the calls through their call centers and will thus allow you to record the calls.
  3. Finding the best app for your needs is absolutely important. Some apps are free or inexpensive while some require an adequate amount of money. Some apps can notify the other user about the calls. Research properly before you actually use the app.
  4. Launch your app and make the call. The particular instructions vary from app to app but all of them generally work the same way.
  5. You call will be merged with the calling line. When you overdo with the recording time, the recording will stop. Or some applications will automatically stop the recording as the call is terminated.
  6. You can play back your call later. The calls are stored in the cloud or on the servers of your provider. Often, apps allow you to trim your calls. You can store the recorded call in a computer file or email.

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  • Using the Mac

Using the Mac can also allow you to record calls on your iPhone. Steps involved are:

  1. Turn on the iPhone Calls on your Mac by opening FaceTime.
  2. Enter Preferences and select on iPhone Cellular Cells. Select this function to On.
  3. Place the Mac and the iPhone on the same Wifi network.
  4. Download a Mac recording tool like Audacity.
  5. Place the phone call using Facetime on your Mac. Recording can begin after the call has been answered and you can stop the recording as soon as you deem necessary. The recorded file will be saved on your Mac for later use.

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