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Rebtel, the international calling app, is perfect for use by people who have loved ones living abroad. This app lets you make high-quality international calls to landlines and mobiles abroad. Set up your call via a local phone line, mobile data etc. you can call free of charge for up to 3 minutes if you are a Rebtel customer.

The leading telecommunications provider Rebtel, is confident in its service. The traditional cell phone/mobile operators have been long criticized for being too pricey. Calling apps like Rebtel have thus gained a lot of attention and interest from people all over the world. The market of Rebtel is continuing to grow every day.

The only downfall of using VoIP provider is lesser call quality. However, Rebtel defies this myth by offering 3 minutes of free call time. Rebtel thus allows users to test their service first before deciding o buy and use it.

How does Rebtel – International Calling app work?

Create an account with Rebtel, and add the contact that you wish to call. You are now ready to experience the services of Rebtel. If you wish to continue the service thereafter, the rates are appealing too. You can easily call loved ones, business associates, family and friends across international boundaries with ease.

Rebtel detects the best available connection type and sets up your call. The call is set up via local phone line, WiFi or mobile data. Do not worry about bad reception or call dropping.

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Why Rebtel?

Rebtel- International calling app has a number of alluring features which makes it the must go to destination for international calls.

  • Cheap:

Rebtel is extremely cheap. The app constantly analyzed traffic to give the best possible deal and the best rates to you.

  • Red Box system:

The red box system is ingenious to Rebtel. This gives users exceptionally low rates and stable phone lines. More than billion minutes of calling is organized by Rebtel every year.

  • Internet free calling:

The super smart system of Rebtel finds the best phones lines and connects your calls through. Bad reception and call dropping are thus things of the past.

Ways to call

International calling for everyone is available when you subscribe to Rebtel. You can call in more than 50 countries with subscriptions from Rebtel. The payment that you do is valid for one month. The payment is renewed at the end of the month. You can also choose to pay as you go. World credits can be used to call any country in the world at the lowest possible rates.

Rebtel users can also call each other for free, you can make free, internet free and unlimited calls to friends over 50 countries. Rebtel calling between Rebtel users uses real phone lines, ensuring excellent call quality. Rebtel calling is completely free and costs only 1 dollar a month after that.

Download Rebtel for Play Store & iTunes and start calling internationally.

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