How to Print Text Messages from Android for Free

You might want to print the messages you get from your friends. Having a soft copy of a message you like is certainly a good deal, however, you might want a hard copy of the same. Your mobile might be formatted or lost and your precious text will go away along with it. How to print text messages from Android for free? Read on to find the ways to do so.



1. Through email

This method to print messages from Android for free is suitable both for MAC or PC. This requires you to print your messages from the email you get from the application installed on your phone.

Tap the Google Play and search for the SMS Share application on your phone. The app you need is made by GilApps. Download it into your phone, launch it and select and message thread to be printed. Tap on share after selecting the messages you want to share. The thread will be emailed to you. You can simply open your email account from your computer and print it.



2. Mac OS X

For the Mac OS X, download the Android Manager into your Mac and follow the instructions. Obtain a USB cord and attach your phone to your Mac. Launch the android assistant on your Mac. After this, you will need to scan your text messages, access the messages and export the selected messages to your computer. You can now print your text after the transfer has occurred.



3. On Windows 8/7

Download the Android manager made for the Windows 8/7 XP into your PC and install it. Follow all the instructions provided for the installation process. After this, plug in your phone to your PC, launch the app and click the scan button. Select the text messages you need to print and simply print the selected messages. This is another suitable way to print text messages from Android for Free.



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