Today’s new and popular mobile apps

Nepal has jumped forward in the field of science and technology. In last decades Nepal has done numerous progresses in the field of technology. For the easiness of the people Nepalese app developer has developed several apps and websites which are helpful for the people of the society or the country. Today we are describing about the app that you must have in your phone. These are the today’s new and popular mobile apps.


now a day’s most of the people are engaged in many works and activities due to which they are forgetting their important dates and events that they most have to remember. Now you don’t have to worry about the habit of forgetting because app developer has developed SMS scheduler from which you can send message in any particular future dates. With the help of this app you can send SMS to many people at once and also you will get the delivery report after it is sent. With the help of this application you can store the message that has been sent.

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now a day’s most of the people are busy and cannot give their time in shopping in every shop so departmental stores and supermarket comes into the choice of the many people from which you can save your time and money. For the easiness of the customers BigMart has developed its application, with the help of this app you can shop by sitting in your home. BigMart has offered the many discounts for the costumer who shops with the help of this application. BigMart has developed this application in order to save the time of the shoppers.

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due to the development of technology many people has stopped wasting their money buying the newspaper instead of buying the newspaper people are downloading the application from the play store. Nepal today is the app that provides you the information regarding forex , stock data, weather, and the most useful and recent thing load shedding. With the help of this application you can get the information of all the mentioned above things of the current date of Nepali calendar.

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These are the today’s new and popular mobile apps we found on the play store but there may be lots of popular app that you can find in the play store. Of you think we have forgotten some popular app please mention in comment section below.

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