Periscope: Broadcast live video from Mobile

Sometimes priceless moments cannot be captured in pictures; you need to make the video for those moments to be captured in single place. Making and sharing the video is not a big deal but when it comes to broadcast your videos live then you need different application than the sharing application. If you are an Android user and want to broadcast your video live then there are few applications which will help you. We will discuss about the most popular live video broadcasting application named in this article.

Periscope is among the free applications for live broadcasting of video. Periscope provides the environment to broadcast your video live to the world. Your followers can watch your live video and can comments and send you hearts. You can follow the people you want and also unfollow the people you want. All of your followers are notified when you are live.

The few features make this app more awesome. The feature Replay allows you to make the replay of your broadcasted video. Follower can watch the replay even if you are not live. A replay remains for 24 hours and you can delete at any time if you want. You can make your live video private to the specific people.

To make private broadcast you have to click on private option before you broadcast and then select the people you want to go live with. You can share periscope broadcast on twitter by clicking the bird sign before start of broadcasting. When you are trying to share your live video on twitter via this app, you will twit a link and your twitter follower can watch live video from that link.

Periscope will suggest the people regarding your twitter network. The recent update of Periscope has fixed all the main bugs from old versions. This application is offered by the team of Twitter and is among the category of Top Developer.

Now you can broadcast live video of your choice. Share the best moments with your friends, family and loved ones. Periscope is free and easy to use. Don’t miss any sweet and valuable moments; go live with them. You can share your videos live from one corner of the world to another corner. Wherever you are, you are encouraged to broadcast your live videos.

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