Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal

With the advent of technology, Nepal too is moving towards online shopping at a fast pace. Online shopping apps have been gaining momentum over the past decade and this is the time with extreme competition between the online shopping service providers in Nepal. Find out the Best 4 online shopping sites in Nepal from the comfort of your bed through your Smartphone.

4 Online shopping sites in Nepal

Kaymu- Buy & Sell Online

Kaymu has been one of the best online shopping sites in Nepal. Its brand is now changing to Jumia Market. Thousands of products and categories will be available with unbelievable discount rates. Track your delivery and also get the option to open your own shop with the new Jumia Market. Find your products by the categories of discount offers, price, distance and many more categories. Save your time, save your searches, check notifications and get the best out of your shopping experience.

Hamrobazar- Online Classified Marketplace

Hamrobazar allows both companies as well as individuals to the list of products they want to sell online. It helps connect customers and buyers to connect to each other through a platform. This shopping site of Nepal has an easy to use interface, light body and the perfect GUI for ease and simplicity.

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NepBay- Buy & Sell Marketplace

This is one of the best Nepali shopping site of Nepal which showcases amazing shopping experience for shopaholics. The user interface of the site is beautifully organized. Thousands of categories and products are available to scroll through. Categories are available to choose from the delivery is quick, easy and secure. Zoon into high-quality pictures, get details about the products and shop on.

GoGazzab- Online Shopping in Nepal

This is another equally useful online shopping site of Nepal. This cutting edge shopping platform offers a huge range of products and it is convenient to shop from the app from anywhere across Nepal. Additional products are added every day and the prices offered are unbeatable. From kitchen supplies to clothes t electronic supplies, get everything in one place. The seamless service, exciting products, seller ratings, product reviews and personalized recommendations make it a perfect shopping site.

These are the Best 4  online shopping sites in Nepal. You can add others site’s information and shopping experience freely.


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