Nepali Teej Songs: All songs in Mobile App

Teej is the festival celebrated by Hindu women. In Nepal there are so many songs about Teej and to listen to those songs you have to search them on Google and sometimes you cannot find the song you want. There are applications on Google Play Store which includes almost all Nepali Teej songs in single place. We have detail about most popular two applications for all Nepali Teej songs in this article.

Nepali Teej Songs

If you are in problem of not finding the wanted Nepali Teej songs then use this application, it will help you to find your desired songs and you can watch them.Popular and latest Teej songs of famous artists are available in this application.You can add your favorite songs in the list of favorites and next time you can watch them without searching. Beyond the Teej songs there are gallery of images related to Teej and also the detail about the artists. This application works when you are online. This application plays the role of bridge for the users. There are lots of Teej songs in this app and when you click the song then you are redirected to YouTube.

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Nepali Lok Bhaka

This application contains more than 5000 plus Nepali songs. Nepali songs are categorized in Nepali Lok Geet, Nepali Lok Dohori and Teej Songs. You can listen to Nepali Teej songs by entering the category Teej Songs.This application includes hit and popular Teej songs. You can add your favorite songs in favorite list as in the previous application. This application has the feature named instruments which contains famous Nepali instruments and their pictures. By clicking the feature Artist you can get more information about famous artist in Nepali song industry. You can save the images related to Nepali songs from Gallery. If you cannot find your chosen song then you request the song in a single click.

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So now download any of the two applications described in this article and listen to your best Teej songs in one click and share them among your relatives and friends.These applications are free and easy to use.

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