Yonder Music App – Stream 20 Million Songs, Nepali, and International for Free

Yonder Music App is a perfect new way to stream 20 million songs for free. Ncell has collaborated with American Music service company Yonder Music Inc. to introduce a free music streaming application ‘Yonder Music Nepal’.

Ncell users can freely download and access the features of the Yonder Music Nepal application. You can simply sign in with your email or Facebook account. With the Yonder Music app, one can access unlimited songs (20 million to be exact), which are of the Nepali and international languages. The app is free of commercials and subscription fees. Standard rates, however, apply for the music streaming.

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Yonder Music is a free music streaming application. It has an extensive library of 20 million international as well as Nepali songs.

Yonder Music app is also one of the first mobile on-demand streaming services. It has the largest online music library with Nepali and International music. Users can simply download songs and play these songs even when they are offline.

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Features of the Yonder Music App

The features of the Yonder Music App- Stream 20 million songs, Nepali and International for free, has the following features:

  • Music Discovery: Music discovery is one of the main features of the Yonder Music App. Users can easily discover different songs from the app database. Besides their playlist, they can search and find a huge number of other songs from the database with ease.
  • Snap Karaoke: Another very popular feature of the Yonder Music app is the ability to record voice with a karaoke. Users can easily record songs in a karaoke, edit it and share it with their friends.
  • My Music: The feature of my music helps users make their own playlist. One can easily choose their favorite songs, album, and artists and create a playlist for future reference.

Download Yonder music App.

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