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Smartphones do not have the features to write in Nepali at the beginning. So, there are applications developed for Nepali to write in Nepali language.For those who love writing in Nepali and uses Android mobile phones then there are Nepali keyboard applications available on Google Play Store. This article is about two most used Nepali keyboard apps.

Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali Keyboard is the application from the group of Hamro Patro. You can directly write the content in this app and copy that content to your wanted place. Also, by enabling this app in your mobile phone’s language setting and choosing this keyboard as the preferred input method,you can write Nepali in all types of other applications. This application supports three keyboard layouts, traditional layout, MRP based Romanized layout and Unicode Transliteration.

Latest version of Hamro Nepali Keyboard added Numeric keypad and Emoji support. If you had Hamro Patro then you do not need to download this app because the feature of this app can be accessed from Hamro Patro using Nepali Keyboard feature. It has good ratings and reviews on Play Store. This application is supported on Android 2.3+ devices.

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Nepali Keyboard

Nepali Keyboard is also designed for Nepali smartphone users so that any Nepali smartphone user can write in Nepali. Similar in previous application, you have to enable this app’s setting to write Nepali. This app enables you to write Nepali in other applications. The word you are writing is predicted and the predicted word and your word matches then you can select the predicted word.Also you can use the English keyword to type Nepali. This application is also designed for the users who love to write Nepali. Android 2.3+ devices support this app.

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Now share your feelings and write anything you want in Nepali language. These apps help you to chat in Nepali with your friends, relatives and the loved one. Use any of these apps and support Nepali language and show your love towards your language.

Hamro Nepali Keyboard was recently updated but the second app, Nepali Keyboard was not updated from 2014. Among these two Nepali keyboard applications I’m using Hamro Nepali Keyboard and you can choose any one among them.

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