How to Get Nepalese Passport in a day?

The passport department of Nepal has started an online request form service for passports since this July 3rd, 2016. With the advent of this new technology, people will be able to request for a passport at the comfort of their homes. However, this service will only be limited to a request form and creating the actual Nepalese passport will require the person to click the photo and visit the Passport Department. Kamal Thapa who is the deputy Prime Minister, as well as the Foreign Minister, inaugurated this service. He has stated that the local people will now be free from the problems they faced in the absence of such a service. Needless to state, this service will also help to save time and extra effort.

On the topic of the MRP creation and distribution which was started 6 years ago, Kamal Thapa said that the start of this service is a milestone for passport sector and that the government is dedicated to making this service available also in all other districts across Nepal. The service can be used only through ten Nepali organizations abroad and also through the Passport Department. With this, the user will not have to face the problems of clicking a photo and fill a form outside. Thapa has also stated that this service will be surely made more efficient and error free as time approaches.

Requirements to apply for Nepalese passport

The following steps can be followed to easily fill up the request form for a new Nepalese passport.

  • Open the site
  • Click the pre-enrollment option.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click the I Agree on a button.
  • Click Next.
  • Validate the ReCaptcha validation code.
  • Fill up the form that appears next.
  • After the form has been filled and submitted, a barcode is generated and it has to be printed.
  • The barcode along with the district recommended letter, along with the voucher of the fee paid to the bank, can be taken to the Passport department or organization to complete the request.

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Where can we submit the online request?

  1. The Central Passport Department of Nepal
  2. Outside Nepal in countries with more Nepali population, including NewYork, Hongkong, Washington City, Qatar, Malaysia, London, Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

This service, which has been limited to some areas, will be expanded to more areas in the days to come, according to Thapa.
According to the new rules set forward by the department, those people who want to obtain their passport in a day can do so by submitting the amount of 15 thousand rupees. 12 thousand rupees will generate the passport in two days while a tax of 10 thousand will generate the passport in a three day time.

The customer can also obtain the passport from the district Passport Departments in five to fifteen days. Before this, a tax of 10 thousand was employed to generate the passport in a week.

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