Hamro Police: Nepal Police Mobile App

Recently Nepal Police is using the mobile application to bring the public closure to the police.These types of applications include facilities to help preferred community. Here are two Nepal Police applications and their detail in this article. I hope it will help you to identify why these applications are among the most have Nepali apps.

Hamro Police

This application is the official application of Nepal Police. If you are from Kathmandu then you can contact police directly from this application.You can report any incident related to crime. Also you can report any incident related to crime with pictorial or documentary evidence and exact location so that Nepal Police can respond to your reports rapidly and proficiently. This application helps you to find your nearest police station. There is a feature of public complain where you can read complain of the public and also if you want to thank the police then you can thank them from this app.Police Alerts and SMS an incident are the other two features  of this application for you.

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Commissioner of Metro Police Kathmandu has imagined this application and now it is becoming the most used Nepali Police app. This app is the bridge between community and Police. More features are supposed to be added in the future. Sadly, you cannot report any incident of crime if you are from out of Kathmandu.

APF Nepal

This is the official mobile application of Armed Police Force (APF) Nepal. If you want to know the detail about APF Nepal then this is the best application for you. You can directly call or SMS to any APF office. New notices about APF, APF news, different APF’s events, photo gallery and video related to APF, vacant vacancies and the radio station of APF are the features that this application includes in single place.All the features in this app include the related services to the feature. Different bugs had been fixed and new features had been added to make this app more supportive for the user.

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The features in these applications make them more cooperative and the application that all smartphone user need to have in their phones. Both the applications are free for your Smartphones. Share these apps amongst your family and friends and make your society get associated with police. These applications can be a forward step to control the criminal activities in our society.

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