Nepal Caller – Nepali Mobile App Like TrueCaller

Irritated with fake calls and spam messages? Download the Nepal caller app now. The app is a Nepali version of the TrueCaller app, which lists the details of any person calling you on your phone. The Nepali App like TrueCaller has already been downloaded and used by a huge number of people, and you are highly encouraged to follow suit.

Nepal Caller – Call Detail Finder

The Nepal Caller app shows you the details of any unknown Nepali Caller. Always be alert about the calls you receive, this localized app is better at listing names and details of Nepal callers than the TrueCallerapp. The app does not only allow you to know who calls you but also allows you to get latest news feed from top Nepali News Portals around the world. It also comprises of Nepali Online FM radio that gives you the feed from all the well-known FM radios in Nepal.

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This truly local app has been created by Nepali people and is nothing short of TrueCaller when it comes to listing the details of the person who is calling you. the app has an easy to use interface, and can also be used as a default calling app and messaging app. You do not only have the chance to know the person calling you in all instances, but you can also block numbers that you don’t want to contact. Be one step ahead of the game by being known about the people around you the calls your receiver.

The Nepali app like TrueCaller is an all in one app that will allow you to obtain the details of the latest news all around the world, from top selected news portals. Also, listen to the FM radio in the ease with the help of this app. The combination of all these attributes makes this app a must-have for your mobile phone. Download the app now.

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