5 Most Popular Cars Models in The world

These cars have risen to the heights of fame, not only for their looks but their sturdy performance and value for money. For everyone wishing to look forward to by a car in the upcoming future, the information about the most popular cars is a must have, before embarking on putting our money into something as special as your private vehicle. Remember, cars don’t just become popular. They have it in them and these cars have been ranked to be the best ones among the huge number of available car models.

Most popular cars models

1. Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R has become one of the most popular cars all around the world and with this popularity, has come to the 58% increase in its price over the past years. The newest version of the updated car as fewer stitches in the interior with an 8.0-inch touchscreen display as well as a rigid body. It has a handmade door design and High-Intensity headlights. The car is crazy in its looks too, with the stunning design and the looks; this car is surely set to turn every eye to you. This 600-hp, torque vectoring champ car surely has the right to make its spot on the first position of the 5 most popular car models.

2. BMW i3

What can surely be said about the BMW i3 is that has completely changed and future of mobility and performance.This electric car has broken all pre-imagined misconception about electric cars and is sturdy in its looks and performance. It is the third generation of the first zero emissions vehicle, mass produced by BMW and hosts a carbon fiber reinforced polymer to improve its energy consumption. It runs 130 to 160 kilometers on 60 A-h battery full charge and has been ranked as the world’s third best-selling electric car in history.

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3. Honda Ridgeline

Honda has always been innovative on it’s designed and this fact has been proven with the sports utility truck Honda Ridgeline. With its unibody construction amalgamated with an in-Bed trunk, it is unlike most pick-up trucks and offers stable and sturdy design. This uniquely designed car or rather a perfect sturdy sports vehicle has ranked high sales, and is on the third position in the lies of the 5 most popular car models. It will surely change the way you see a truck.

4. Fiat 124 Sport Spider

Fiat 124 Sports Spider has surely become on of the most popular cars for its best looking exterior design inspired by Italian car models. Its convertible top and an electric power steering only add more value to this exotic looking car. This car makes it all up for its looks but has a sturdy performance of a nearly 50/50 weight distribution and a 160 hp turbo engine.

5. Kia Rio

5th on the list of the top 5 famous car models, the Kia Rio has become popular due to its state of the art compact design. It offers performance without a compromise and has a fun look to it. It has a hatchback as well as a sedan body style and is equipped with four gasoline and diesel engines with provides extremely high amount of power. It has made high sales in markets and its compact design it what steals the show.

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