Most Expensive Cars Available in Nepal

There have been extreme increments in the number of wildly expensive cars that run through the Kathmandu valley. According to auto dealers, there is more than five crore worth of cars that run on the valley. While these cars cost very much less in foreign countries, these cars have their prices hiked up by 2.5 times when they enter Nepal. Nepalese have now been excited and attracted towards luxurious vehicles, and this has led to the increment of expensive cars in Nepal. Which are the most expensive cars available in Nepal?

Toyota, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai. Ferrari, Piazza, Nissan. Hummer, Subaru, and Honda are the most well-known car brands in Nepal. Out of these, there are some highly expensive cars which have taken over the market.

Expensive cars available in Nepal

  • Toyota

Toyota falls among the world best and most well-known car brand. It is a luxury car making brand which has released more than 12 cars which are worth more than one crore rupees. Among them are the Rev 4, Fortuner, Prado, Land Cruiser, Crami etc. Most of the more than one crore models of cars are of the Toyota brand. Toyota offers cars ranging from 34 lakh 60 thousand rupees to 2 crores 70 lakh rupees. The most expensive Toyota car is the Land Cruiser “LC 200 VX”. It costs two crores 70 lakh rupees and has an engine of 4469 ccs.

Land Cruiser “LC 70” costs about one crore 60 lakh rupees. That is also a car with an engine of 4469 ccs.
Rave 4 is an SUV which costs about 99 lakh 90 thousand while Rave 4 automatic costs one crore 20 lakh rupees.
Toyota Prado has offered four of its variants in Nepali market. Prado VX MT costs two crores 9 lakh rupees while Fortuner costs around one crore 16 lakh rupees. Crami costs around one crore 20 lakhs while Land Cruiser is priced at two crores 10 lakh rupees. It has been estimated that the prices of all Toyota cars are to be changed in the upcoming future.

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  • Land Rover, Range Rover

Land Rover and Range Rover are considered to be the most expensive cars in the world. They both cost around 1.5 crore to 3 crore rupees.

  • Mercedes

The brand Mercedes has also released some of the most expensive cars in Nepal. Mercedes cars prices can go as high as 2.5 crore rupees. Mercedes is a luxury car brand in Europe and is known all around the world.

  • Subaru

Subaru is a well-known luxury car brand in Japan. The Out Back model of the car is priced at around one crore 20 lakh rupees and is placed in the SUV segment. It is a petrol car which is available in Automatic and Manual variants.

The Forester model of Subaru car was priced more than one crore rupees some months ago. The price has now been dropped to about 92 lakh rupees. It is available in 2000 cc and manual and automatic gear models.

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  • Mazda

Mazda is also a Japanese luxury brand and falls among one of the most expensive cars in Nepal. The CX-5 is the model available in Nepal, and the model is available in 2 variants. It is priced at around one crore to 1 crore 5 lakh rupees.

  • Hyundai, Santa Fe

Hyundai is a Korean motor company and the version Santa Fe is the most expensive one in the models it offers in Nepal. This car falls under the SUV segment and is priced at one crore 20 lakh rupees. Its engine is 2200 cc and is sold in the number of 6-7 per year.

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  • Volkswagon Touareg

Volkswagon is the German luxury brand which ha the Touareg version costing around two crore rupees in Nepal. The variants of the Touareg are also available, and they have been priced at one crore 82 lakhs and one crore 62 lakhs depending upon the specifications.

  • Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento is also one of the most expensive cars available in Nepal. The Korean brand has released the 220 cc SUV which is priced at one crore 15 lakh rupees. It consists of an automatic gear and is available in White and Silver colors.

  • Nissan

The Japanese brand Nissan Jeep has been priced at one crore 3 lakh rupees. It consists of a 3000 cc engine and is extremely popular in Nepal.

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