Five Mobile Apps That Earn You Real Cash and Rewards

Mostly we spent our time on jobs for earnings, but most of us don’t know about the free mobile apps that help you to earn real cash and rewards on our free time. You can earn while exercising and playing. These apps have helped millions of users to earn real cash and rewards. Here we have listed some popular mobile apps on iTunes and play store.

Best Mobile Apps to earn money

1 pact

We can call pact as a fitness motivator. You can earn for your weekly fitness. You will be paid by that member who is lazy and is not doing their daily workout. For your daily fitness verification, you can take photos or you can use GPS tracker.  You can easily download this app from iTunes also. This app is one of the popular apps in 2015 and has rated 3.

2 inbox dollars

This app is one of the easy ways to earn cash. You can earn cash by reading, downloading and searching. Sometime you have to read other articles and sometimes you have to download the free app, searching the website etc. this app has got good popularity since 2006 more than 30 million dollars is earned by the users. For to earn with the help of this app you need to sign up this app. you can get it on Google Play store and also in iTunes.

3 Fronto lock screen

Swiping the lock screen, earning the money is the principle of this app. Different article, new products advertisement will be displayed on your screen and you can earn points by swiping them. You can earn nearly $20 per month. But demerits of this app are it only support’s for US user and does not work on rooted mobile. The unique feature of this app is you can donate your points to charity also.

4. Slide Joy

This is also a lock screen app. you can earn with the advertisement that appears on your screen. You can get your rewards or cash in gift cards or you can get it in PayPal also. The feature of Fronto and Slide joy is same but the user review seems good on slide joy. This app is award winning lock screen app this app has been featured in today’s show also.

 5. App Trailer

With the help of app trailer, you can earn cash and rewards by watching the preview of a hot app in the video.  This app preview the video of the app that you have not seen before which does not let you bored. But this app has not good user review than other above apps. But it has got 3.9 rating by the user.  These are the only few popular app but there are other cash and rewards earning app in play store and iTunes. If you know about other good earning apps. We kindly request you to comment below so that other user also gets information about it.

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