Nepali Mero Kalam App – All Features in Single App

Mero Kalam app is the go-to destination for several features embedded in your phone, you do not need several apps to carry out the most basic of your needs. Simply download the Mero Kalam mobile app and cater to your basic needs in the best way possible. The features of the Mero Kalam mobile app are:

mero kalam app

Features of Mero Kalam App

    1. Nepali Unicode Typing

    Need to type in Nepali for social media, or simply for writing purposes? Nepal Unicode typing with Mero Kalam app is easy to use and implement.

    1. Nepali FM Radio

    Mero Kalam mobile app is the go-to destination for a number of features. One such feature is the Nepali FM Radio. You can tune in to your favorite radio channel with ease.

    1. RashiFal

    If you are one of those people who believe in horoscopes, then MerokKalam mobile app is the app you must possess for sure. MeroKalam app offers daily, updatedRashiFal so you can check it out every morning before starting your day.

    1. Currency unit converter

    The Mero Kalam app has a huge number of features embedded in it. One of such feature is the currency unit converter. Change from any currency to Nepali rupees and find updated daily values with the Mero Kalam mobile app.

    1. QR code reader

    This app also contains the QR code reader. Scan every QR code with ease and in high quality with the app.

    1. Mero Kalam Blog Feeds

    For updated information on latest technological products, features, releases, and news, you can check the blog feeds of the MeroKalam blog.

    All in all, the Mero Kalama app is a perfect destination, which can offer a huge number of features to choose from. You do not need a number of applications to carry out several tasks. One Mero Kalam app can help you carry out several tasks at once.

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