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Most of the people are cheated by taxi meter and are paying higher transportation fees. Government has made several rules to stop the higher fares taken by the taxi drivers but none of them has affected the taxi meter. In order to minimize these problems app developer has made Mero Bhanda meter.

Mero bhanda meter is a both offline and online app that helps you to know the exact transportation fare which is made by the Nepal government. In order to use this app offline you just need to download the app and the routes and the map that will be store in your phones. Higher public transportation fares have become the serious problem the country like Nepal due to which many unaware and new passengers are cheated daily. But this app has helped to minimize these problems.

Still most of the people are unknown about this app and cheated daily by the taxi. But this problem can be easily minimized if the entire citizen started using this app then the taxi meter cannot go too fast and the citizen will be using taxi without any fear of being cheated by the taxi.

Beside this Mero Bhanda meter has got good feed backs from the users and has rated 4.2 out of 5. Most of the user has complained about the download issue and the fixed road displaying issue which is now solved has made more users friendly so that the every people can easily use this app. In this new version fares is calculated by using GPS and it also displays real time fare.

There may be lots of things that should be included in this app but developer may have been waited for the user response about those things. You can comment about the further feature that should be included in the next version of this app also you can give you feedback and suggestion in the comment below.

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