How to make your internet go faster? Follow best ways

Almost everyone dreams of a soul mate, lots of money and last but not the least, fast internet. There are a number of reasons why internet connections seem to slow down as times passes. If you need to send a mail or to simply stream movies, a strong internet connection is a mandatory need in this era. There are some steps that can, however, make your internet go faster. How to make your internet go faster? Read on to find out.

How to make your internet go faster?

1. Fixing the software

Software fixes are one of the major ways to make your internet go faster.

A. Sometimes when your internet becomes unusually slow, it is basically because something or the other is hogging up the internet in the background. Check if other programs requiring updates are running in the background.

  • Check if system updates are running too. These are temporary effects that slow down your internet considerably. Once the download is completed, you are good to go.
  • To check the programs running on your windows computer, simply type Ctrl+Shift+Esc. For Mac, go to Applications, Utilities and then click on Activity Monitor.

B. Reduce fancy effects

Another major software fix is to tone down the visual effects that hog up the internet. Keep the following points in mind.

  • For Windows, go to the System Control panel and click on Advanced System settings. Click the Start menu, go to System Properties, click on Advanced and click the Settings button on the box titled Performance. You can now easily check or uncheck the visual options.
  • For Mac computers turn off the Dock effects to reduce fancy visuals. Go to the Apple menu, deselect System Preferences, select Dock, select on scale effect and deselect Animate opening applications.

C. Browser update

An un-updated browser can be another reason why your internet is running slow. To make your internet go faster, keep the following steps in mind.

  • Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google along with the Internet Explorer are the four most famous and fast browsers.
  • Update your browser on a regular basis to get the best out of your browsing experience and to solve the problem of a slow internet.

D. Adware check

Free to install software are called adware and spyware. They are easy to install but also impossible to uninstall and can hamper your security, privacy and internet connection. How to make your internet go faster in this situation? Simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Precaution is better than cure. Avoid downloading anything other than important software that you are certified is good for your computer. Reputable sites will not require you to install a toolbar or some downloading app in any way. This is one red flag that the software you are forcibly told to download is inevitably a malware, adware or spyware.
  • How to destroy adware? For this free program called Spybot or Search and Destroy is suitable for the purpose. These programs run well in windows. MacSacn can be sued for Macintosh computers. Download the program, install it, follow the steps and get rid of internet hogging adware.

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E. Take care of virus attacks

Virus attacks are other reasons that slow down both your internet connection and your computer.

  • Some of the best antivirus programs like Avast Antivirus and AVG, for Windows and Sophos for Mac users, are free to download. These widely used and legitimate programs can inevitably save your computers from being infected.
  • Allow the antivirus programs to run in the background continuously.

F. Free up cluster

The sheer amount of temporary internet data is another reason why your internet connections might be getting slow. To make your internet go faster, do a little cleaning.

  • For Mac users, scan the applications folder and drag the unwanted and unnecessary programs to Trash.
  • Windows users can simply go to Control Panel, Programs Panel, and highlight unwanted items before clicking Uninstall.

G. Network Security is key

Other people might be secretly using your internet connection, leading to slower connectivity. Make sure that other people are not accessing your internet and this can be done by setting network security to a maximum level.

  • If you find it difficult to set up network security on your own, take assistance from your manufacturer or ISP provider.
  • You can also check online and easily set up your secure connection.

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2. Fixing the hardware

This is another way to make your internet go faster. Below mentioned are the steps you can employ.

A. Cleaning the computer

The tangible portions of your computer require some cleaning too. Dusty and clogged computers parts pose problems of overheating. Unplug the laptop, remove batteries and clean the inside of the case with the cotton slab.

B. Upgrading your ISP

While you might the searching for issues within your network and computer related to slow the internet, the actual problem might be with your ISP. Cheaper and better internet services are being provided by ISP’s day by day. Your internet will be slow if you have not upgraded your service for a long time.

  • Use the internet to compare service plans and prices of different ISP’s and the internet plans they provide. Read the contract carefully before choosing a service.
  • You can take help from your ISP in choosing the best connection. You can simply tell the representative how you use the internet and they will come up with a perfect internet plan for you.
  • If fiber optics is available in your area, opt for it. They have letter interference, noise, and better speed opportunities.

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c. A new modem or router can help

Same with the internet connection, if you have not upgraded your router or modem over the past few years, your internet connection is surely going to be slow. Mismatched or old equipment hogs the internet connectivity. The best way to make your internet go faster is to purchase new and high-quality equipment.

  • Take your old equipment to the store and write down the name of your ISP in order to purchase compatible equipment.
  • If you are renting a modem from your ISP, request a new one from them.

D. Computer repair

A physical problem in your computer itself can be a reason for a slow computer. Take it to a machine shop and have it repaired.

  • If the price of repairing your computer is at the close of the cost of buying a new computer, opt for the latter option.
  • Lf the lack of hard drive or RAM is the problem; understand that your computer is very old. Adding RAM will not actually make a huge difference when it comes to an internet connection.

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E. Replace the computer

When everything else fails, it might be an omen that you actually need to buy a new computer. Set out a budget and search for the best computer under the budget.

  • Computer insurance is rarely necessary. Don’t be pressurized into having one.
  • You don’t need the fastest or the most expensive computer. Just choose one that caters to your needs. Buy something durable and fast, rather than something that looks good and lasts less.
  • Install your favorite antivirus and spyware in order to make your internet go faster.

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