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Even with caller identification, anonymous calling is still easy to achieve in this era. If you want to call someone, and not reveal your identity to them, below mentioned are some steps which will allow you to make an anonymous call to anyone, everywhere with ease and without of risk of being identified. Steps involved below describe the methods of how to make an anonymous call. Follow the steps and make your anonymous call easily.

You can do Anonymous Call

1. Landline or Cell phone?

The first step is the actually determine whether you want to call a landline number or a cell phone. This will determine the steps to follow.

2. Wait for a dial tone and punch 67

After picking up the cradle, wait for the dial tone (in a case of a landline phone) and press 67, o that your identity is not revealed to the called party. A double dial tone will ensure you that you have restricted your call successfully.

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3. In case of a cell phone

Repeat the same procedure as in a landline. Simply input the number 67 before you dial. You do not need to be confirmed by a double tone and you can simply punch in the rest of the number that you are wishing to call.

However, it is to be noted that some companies do require a 1, before the actual number and after 67. Try the case with and without the use of 1. The word restricted will show up on the caller id of the called party.

4. Search the settings of your cell phone

Every cell phone has been made differently and there can be an option in your cell phone to hide your number as a default setting. Check with your service provider in order to use this setting.

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5. Ensure that the called party does not have the Anonymous Call Rejection feature

If possible, you should formerly make sure that the Anonymous Call Rejection feature has not been established on the mobile or the landline of the called party. If the case is so, a recorded message, alerting you of the matter will be displayed and your call will be rejected. You will need to call normally to reach a landline or a cell phone with this feature.

Anonymous calling should not be misused as the results might be grave. Use the feature safely and properly and follow the steps to make an anonymous call to someone.

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