LINE: Best International Calling & Texting App

Line: Free calls and messages application has been created by Line Corporation, and is a perfect app to use if you need to connect to people all over the world. The app is free to use to ensure communication across the globe. Enjoy messaging as well as voice and video calls for free with this Line app.

Discover more reasons for connecting to people across the globe. The line has become the number one ranking app across 52 countries across the world. Download the app now and know why it has gained popularity all across the world.

Features of the Line app are:

  1. Intimate conversations and group conversations

Group conversations and group calls have become easier than before. Large round table conversations across the world can be easily done using the app. Chat with up to 200 friends in your group simultaneously. Face to face video chats with friends is also supported. You will not need to be left out in any conversation at all.

  1. Polls

A big group causes a lot of confusion. Line thus has a feature of organizing polls. To see what your friends think, simply use polls to know what your friends think. Avoid lengthy discussions and come to a conclusion earlier.

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  1. Free

Free means actually free. There are no hidden costs in Line: Free Calls and messages app. Enjoy great quality calling and free messages any time without any charge. The international calls with several people at a time also is free. Effects and filters can also be used to create more funny moments and all of it is free.

  1. Convenience

The app is very easy to use, and sharing photos, videos, stickers, locations and video messages are no big deal.

  1. Fun to use

There are a number of social networking features which are fun and easy to use. Watch messages, photos, videos and locations with your social networking contacts.

  1. Stickers

There are a number of world popular characters in the Sticker Shop. Browse from hundreds of popular free stickers and choose from a variety of LINE: Sticker sets.

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  1. Sync

You can also auto-sync your device and PC with the LINE app. This ensures that your LINE chats in both devices are always up to date and synced with all of your devices.

  1. Storage

LINe app also provides you with your personal storage to store messages, photos, videos and more. Keep your important materials and share it with your friends for free.

  1. Line official accounts

Connect with your favorite celebrities and companies with ease, by friending their official accounts,

  1. Connected to new apps

Line is a perfect gateway to apps that focus on entertainment and lifestyle. The apps will keep you entertained and will add convenience to your lives.

  1. International calling

With Line app, you can place international calls to mobiles and landlines at lower rates than normal. You can also easily connect with friends that do not use LINE.

Download line app for Play Store & iTunes.

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