How to Keep Your Laptop From Overheating

If you do not happen to known the methods of keeping your laptop from overheating, then it might lead to many problems. Laptops generally tend to overheat if the fan is locked. Because of excessive overheating, the hard drive of the laptop, as well as the battery life, may quickly fail. It is hence advisable, to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to keep your laptop from overheating.


  • Elevation

This is probably a matter of common sense and the easiest method to allow the laptop to cool and keep it from overheating. Put an item, like a small book under the battery of your laptop, to keep it from overheating. More air flows under the laptop and will keep it cooler. Also, ensure that the bottom fan hole is not blocked. Try something like sockets from an egg tray, if the book does not help you to achieve blocking.

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  • Cooling it

Cooling the laptop is another method to keep your laptop from overheating. A cooling mat works wonders for this purpose. There are many brands like Xion, Targis, Thermaltake etc. which can be used for the matter. There are also options to buy risers and computers stand with elevation.

If you can’t afford a cooling mat, choose something hard to place under the laptop to provide a surface for airflow. Using soft surfaces blocks the air vents located at the bottom of your laptop, causing it to overheat. There have been situations when the laptop has overheated enough to catch fire. So use a hard surface underneath your laptop, instead of a soft surface that might block the air vent.

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  • Environment

A cool environment is essential for the laptop to function. Do not use the laptop in the sun as this might degrade the battery life as well as the hard disk life of your laptop exponentially. Also, try using the laptop in an air conditioned area so that the system cools down. This is another simple method to keep your laptop from overheating.




  • PC Settings

Change the PC settings which will help the laptop to stop overheating from within the system itself. The first thing you can do is get a program specifically designed for keeping track of your temperature. Another method to keep your laptop from overheating is to stop overclocking the system. Overclocking will make the computer hotter than usual. However, don’t underclock it as it will make the system slow.

The maximum processor states of the laptop should be lowered too. This is a suitable solution only for windows. Click on the battery option and select the power option. Click on the Plan Settings option and hen Advanced Power Processor Power management icon. After this, click on maximum processor states and set both to 80%.
Another idea is to lower the brightness of the laptop. This consumes lesser power and is a good solution to keep the laptop from overheating.



  • Heat Sink

A steel bar can be used as an external heat sink. This will work as the laptop will have to heat up more mass before it overheats itself. The larger the bar, hence, the longer it will take for the laptop to overheat. This is a suitable solution in case you have a laptop with a metal case.




Follow the steps mentioned above and keep your laptop from overheating and extending your battery life as well as the life of your hard drive.

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