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A map is an object that gives a description about whole or part of an area. It describes the different parts of areas and gives its locations. There are many types of maps which are made for specific things.  Different types of maps are made for different things. As we know Nepal is one of the most visited country by tourist map is one of the most useful thing needed by them. Map can help them to know their destination and the place they should visit.

  1. Kathmandu Map and Walks

This app will helps you by showing several self-guided walking tours and shows you the best of Kathmandu, Nepal. It will show all the details of tour route maps and it has a powerful navigation which will guide you from one place to another. This will help you to travel freely without using tour bus or joining a tour groups. You can travel your favorite destination by yourself without the help of others. It will help to save your money by traveling like local peoples.

It shows you the most popular places that you should visit like Darbar Square, Cultural Tour, temples in Kathmandu, Pashupatinath temple, etc. All data are included in this app so that you can use this app without internet access or cellular data plan. This app will help to show your locations and find your destination.

  1. Kathmandu Map offline

This is a app that helps you to use it when you are offline also. It will show you maps of Kathmandu in your mobile when you are offline. In this app you can find two types of maps. One you can download in Wi-Fi and use it offline and another you can search address, place you want to visit on the map when you are online.

It is free to access map. You can also add any objects to your favorites so that you can find them easily. You can also add your hotel where you are staying, car parking space, etc. You can search any objects by its address. You will also get the directions from your location to your destination.

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