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How many Nepalese citizens get connected to the internet per day? 200, 400 or 1000? If your estimation ranged around the range of 1000’s, you are absolutely wrong. According to the statistics, it has been estimated that every day more than 6 thousand Nepalese (Internet Users) are connected to the internet.

According to the statistics released by the Nepal

Telecommunication Authority, about 1 lakh 81 thousand 6 hundred 88 internet user have increased over the duration of a month. On converting the number of customers that have increased in the duration of am month, the figures comes out to 6 thousand 93 Nepalese internet subscribers according to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the latest figure of internet subscribers in Nepal has reached 1 crore 45 lakhs 79 thousand and 89 people in total.

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This figure gives the general idea that almost 55 percent of the population has been connected to the internet already. This recent paper was released in the month of Poush. Till last Mangsir, only 1 core, 43lakh 98 thousand 2 hundred 1 Nepalese had been connected to the internet. Most internet users in Nepal are said to take the services of mobile. Nepal Telecom and other institutions have been providing wired internet facilities, but people seem to opt for mobile internet because of the ease of accessibility and associated low costs.

The 3G and 2G services have been used extensively by a huge number of Nepalese. According to recent documents, 1 crore 31 lakh 69 thousand 8 hundred 99 internet subscribers are utilizing the facility of internet subscriptions.

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According to the released documents, it has been known that the majority of internet subscribers in Nepal are of Nepal Telecom. Internet users in Nepal have look forward and deviated towards the use of Nepal Telecom to meet their surfing needs. There are a whopping 89 lakh 1 hundred 84 Nepal Telecom subscribers while Nell internet users are in the range of 60 lakhs 92 thousand internet subscribers.

Other Internet subscribers have a whopping 2 lakh 7 thousand years while Smart Telecom used are 1 lakh 16 thousand in number, UTL users are 63 thousand in number while CG communication Internet services are being used by 13 users.

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