Nepal Visit Tips: Important Tips For Nepal Travelers

Visiting Nepal? there are some facts you should know about Nepal before setting foot into this wonderland. There are important tips for Nepal travelers that when followed, will make traveling to Nepal a wonderful experience. This country is the land of Mount Everest, the land with unbelievably beautiful landscapes and warm and welcoming people. But, it makes sense to remember these 19 important tips for Nepal travelers. Read on to find out the important Nepal visit tips for Nepal travelers, to make our travel stories even better than they could be.

Nepal Visit Tips for New Travellers

  1. Do not travel solo

While Nepal is relatably safe and welcoming towards travelers, traveling solo is not recommended there have been some disappearances of solo travelers over the years. This point should be remembered especially if you are going trekking to remote locations in Nepal with harsh climatic conditions. Always hire a guide or a trekking partner to be with. Online forums are available, which can be used to find fellow travelers. Communicate your travel plans with close people before you are on the go.

  1. Traffic conditions

Nepal is known for its peaceful and pristine environment and beauty. However, remember that the highways and major city streets of Nepal are not devoid of traffic. These areas are full of smoke, dust, dirt and are bumpy in places. Travelling or a motorcycle is not advisable for the most part. You should be a good motorcyclist in order to do so. There are however some off mountain bike trails that are extremely good for mountain biking.

  1. Food safety

This is another of the important tips for Nepal travelers. It is advisable to avoid unbottled water, especially in town areas. The waters of springs in several parts of Nepal are however drinkable. Avoid vegetables that are raw and avoid pre-cut fruit.

  1. Currency

Exchange all Nepali currencies for your own currency before you leave. In most countries, Nepali currency is not exchanged. Also, taking currency out of the country is against the law.

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  1. Beggars

Do not give money to beggars as there are cases where children are manipulated into bringing back money for their parents. Also, if you genuinely want to help people in Nepal, then give some money to charity organizations that can be found in abundance in this beautiful country.

  1. Schedule

Do not rely fully on itineraries and schedules. There are cases where the adverse weather conditions of different locations in Nepal cause flights to be canceled. Also, some activities scheduled to start at a certain time might be delayed due to some reasons. Always keep a buffer time for your travels.

  1. Respect

This is another one of the important tips for Nepal travelers. Do not touch someone’s head without permission, it is also considered rude to sleep with your feet facing someone’s head.

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  1. Bandhs/ Strikes

Nepal has been known for its continuous political turmoil that sometimes translates into bands. A Bandh is a strike where no transportation is allowed. This can cause your travel plans to be affected somehow.

  1. Marijuana

While ganja/ marijuana is readily available in Nepal, it is illegal to smoke weed in Nepal. It can be found in abundance in hillsides. However, you might be in legal trouble for picking it and carrying it for consumption purposes.

  1. Non-plastic

Nepal has recently adopted a non-plastic policy in some major cities. Do not support plastic and help make Nepal a better place to travel for travelers like you.

  1. Monkeys

Another important tip for Nepal traveler is to be wary of money. Monkeys are found in abundance in several areas of Nepal, especially around temples. Do not display food and packaged products as they are used to snatching it.

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  1. Dance bars

Be wary of less known dance bars around Kathmandu and Pokhara. Most of these places have elevated prices of alcohol. However, there are a number of bars and live music restaurants which offer good ambiance and a good time.

  1. Affirmation

When a Nepali says “yes” or affirms something with their head do not assume that they understand everything completely. Affirm and re-confirm using the simplest terms to make sure that you are understood.

  1. Nightlife

Nightlife at Nepal ends usually around 10 pm. However, nowadays there are some bars around Thamel that remain open late into the night.

  1. Electronics

Bring a voltage adapter kit and universal charger. Nepal uses 220V.

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  1. Visa

If you are planning to get your visa at the airport, then you should have a passport size photo in handy. You can also have your photo taken at the airport if you forget to bring your photo when you come to Nepal. This is another one of important tips for Nepal travelers.

  1. Hygiene

Always have some tissue paper and hand sanitizer in handy. Also, note that some bathrooms in Nepal might require squatting.

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  1. Taxi fare

Always insist for a running meter in the taxi. If you do not do that, there might be chances that you will have to pay extra money when negotiating the price. After 10 pm, the taxi fares plummets to new heights.

  1. Entrance fee

There might be entrance fee charges to some temples and locations for foreign travelers. These locations, which are accessible for free to Nepali people, might require the payment of some free for foreigners.

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