Better Country for Immigration Australia or Canada?

With each passing day, many people around the world are looking out for destinations all around the world to immigrate to. The world has become a small place and people tend to immigrate to other countries in hope of learning and earning more. Among the countries around the world overseeing immigrants, Australia and Canada have emerged as the most important ones. The question which might arise in the minds of many is which is the better country for immigration, Australia or Canada? Which country should you hook to for life? Read on to get an insight on the matter.

We should probably start off with the fact that Choosing between Canada and Australia is certainly a difficult deal. Both countries have advanced greatly in terms of economy and infrastructure. The facilities, infrastructure, world class cities and organized immigration system and structure are great in both countries. Depending on your needs, either Canada or Australia can be a better choice for you. So it is better to explore the limitation and advantages of both countries and make a wise choice.

Canada and Immigration

Canada is known better as the land of a maple leaf or the land of immigrants and rightly so. Canada has hence emerged as a popular choice for immigrants. The reasons to choose Canada as a choice for immigration are:

  1. Flexibility of immigration policies

The immigration policies of Canada are exceptionally lenient. It is flexible towards refugees too. Canada has future plans of welcoming over 3, 00000 immigrants.

  1. Organizational structure for immigrants

Immigrants from all over the world serve in various provinces and organizations in Canada. Hence, job finding, settlement procedure, accommodation search etc becomes easier once you are there.

  1. Low accommodation cost

The cost of housing and accommodation is cheap in Canada, hence attracting a huge number of immigrants from Asia too.

  1. Organized point based immigration system

The point based and organized immigration system in Canada helps choose and invite candidates to settle in the country. The visa processing time is also comparatively cheaper.

  1. Raising the family is easier

Another idea, that can help choose the better country for immigration among Canada and Australia, is raising a family. The free education, affordable housing, secure environment, free education and tolerant communities make Canada an ideal destination to raise the family.

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Australia and Immigration

Australia is one of the few countries known for being a major attraction for worldwide immigrants, apart from its rich infrastructure and advanced economy. The multicultural society is the evidence to this statement. The key benefits of Australia for immigration can be jotted down in the following points:

  1. Access to New Zealand

One of the key facilities that you get as a PR holder in Australia is that you can access New Zealand has well. This will help you further enhance your scope of the job and educational facilities.

  1. Organized immigration system

The point based immigration system and dedicated visa sub classes make it easier to immigrate to Australia.

  1. Advanced economy

The economy of Australia is advanced and there is an abundance of high paying jobs in Australia. It has one of the strongest economies in the world and high-income jobs in the healthcare, engineering, IT and construction sector are available with ease.

Comparison: Which is the better Country for immigration, Australia or Canada?

Compare and decide on basis of the parameters illustrated below:

  1. Cost of living

The cost of living is comparatively cheaper in Canada. However, Australia has high paying jobs, so it is a trade off between your earning and your expenditure.

  1. Immigration process

Both countries have point based immigration process. Australia, however, has stricter immigration rules. However, the skill assessment of the country is valid throughout the country. In Canada, your educational credential might not be valid in other provinces.

  1. Accommodation

Accommodation cost is higher in Australia, but again it is a trade off between a higher paying job and the lower cost of accommodation.

  1. Rights and facilities

Canada offers rights, privileges and social security benefits to its citizens once you become one. In Australia, you have to wait for the same for about 2 years.

  1. Multicultural environment

Both Australia and Canada have a multicultural environment, making it easier for immigrants to mix in. However, Canada is more lenient and tolerant towards new immigrants and cultures in comparison to Australia.

  1. Geography

Australia allows easy access to New Zealand while Canada enjoys proximity to the USA.

  1. Livability

Both countries are livable with unique identities and specialties’, making it difficult to choose which country is better for immigration, Australia or Canada. Canada is a safe haven for peace loving families while Australia is for individuals with fast and energetic lifestyle.

  1. Health care and education

Free education and healthcare facility in both countries are wonderful, and none is better than the other.

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Taking a decision

Ask yourself about your needs and assess it. Compare it with the availability of your needs in both the countries and take a decision accordingly. Both Canada and Australia can be wonderful countries to live in, depending on the needs and wants of an individual.

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