Iflix: Watch TV Shows and Movies on Your Smartphone in Nepal

Looking for an app to watch TV shows and Movies on your smartphone in Nepal? Then you can download the Iflix app right now. Iflix app is the go-to destination to watch TV shows and movies on your smartphone.Iflix is a Malaysian Video on Demand (VOD) provider. Ncell has collaborated with the company to launch the movie streaming device.

Iflix allows you to watch TV shows and movies through the internet at low buffering speeds and high streaming capabilities. The online library of the app is full of movies that are popular in the Bollywood and Hollywood fraternity. There are also some top-rated Korean movies that have been embedded into the app. You can also download these videos and watch them later, unlike several online streaming apps.

Ncell Iflix offer

Ncell has collaborated with the Malaysian company in order to give a good offer to Nepalese. Ncell users could access the content of Iflix for three months from 12 am to 5 am for free until January. Now, however, you can use the paid service of the app.

A one-hour video pack is available in Rs. 50. You can access the content of Iflix for 1 hour once you pay Rs.50. To use this service, download the Iflix app from the App Store. You will then be asked to sign up for the app. Dial *17137# through your Ncell network on your device to get one hour worth of content access.

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Read on to find out if Iflix also allows you to watch TV shows and movie on your smartphone in Nepal in a hassle-free manner or if its services are questionable to an average user,

Review of Iflix app

On a first impression, it can be very well said that Iflix resembles Netflix very closely. The logo of Iflix too gives somewhat of a feel of the Netflix. Iflix can easily be called as the Asian counterpart of Netflix, except the fact that the app is not created in collaboration with Netflix.

Iflix boasts a considerable number of significant library contents containing a huge amount of hit movies and TV shows. However, shows like Game of Thrones, Friends, Flash, etc. are missing from the library. We hope that the library is updated to include these shows as well.

Nepali content is shallow in the app as of now. However, according to authorities, content is set to be added to the app soon, after obtaining partnership with the content owners. The base of Iflix is in Kuala Kumar, Malaysia. The company is looking forward to making the app the best one in South Asia.

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The video quality and the speed of the app is satisfactory. There are occasional lags or freeze based on the internet capabilities that you have. The quality of the video peaked to 720p.  The audio quality seems to be a little unsatisfactory regarding the video.

The audio compression capabilities of the app seem to be a little on the lower side. The audio quality is hence degraded. However, the streamed movies are fast enough and smooth. Hence the app is satisfactory.


The features of the app are:

  • Available in Android and iOS versions
  • Watch on any device and stream on to devices at the same time
  • Download movies and shows and watch it offline
  • Choose movies based on genre of your preference
  • Choose subtitles of different languages
  • Change the audio language if available
  • A dedicated kids section for children under 18
  • Create channels for all your favorite content in one place
  • No contracts and no advertisements
  • Cancel online anytime
  • Content provided varies with region si you get the content that is useful for your region
  • 1-month unlimited access capabilities for the first month

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Ncell has done a great job of introducing video streaming into Nepal. The free version is excellent, but there needs to be more content once payment is made. The price paid per month for the app is NRs. 250 in Malaysia, but the cost associated with Nepal is unusually high.

The payment of Rs. 50 in 1 hr seems to be a bit overpriced. It is expected that Ncell brings monthly offers instead of hourly offers, in order to make it more accessible and reasonable to people of Nepal. However, with excellent streaming capabilities without buffer, the app has lived up to the expectations concerning the speed of delivery of content. Download the iFlix App for Android or iOS.

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