How to Update an Android Phone/Device to Latest Version

Mutation and updates, not only apply to humans but to software as well and knowing how to update an Android phone are absolutely essential for you. A new update is always good news. New updates remove bugs, increase performance and bring new functionalities. There are cell phones, which usually give the information and notification about the updates that are available on your phone.

However, the messages might be delayed at times, or might never come up. If you know about an update and are eager to get it right away, know how to update an Android phone yourself in a hassle free manner. Next time, do not wait for your mobile phone to inform you about new updates. Just do it!

The method to be employed here is called as the Over the Air or the OTA Method. Read on to find out the steps to be employed.





  • Step 1. Backup is essential

While updating an Android OS is usually hassle free and devoid of any problems, there is a minor possibility of your data being subjected to loss if the system crashes. So make sure to backup your data and ensure that the backup option in your mobile phone is ticked.

  • Step 2: Open Settings on your Android phone

The next step to update an Android phone is to find the Settings App. It can be found in the App drawer and if not, then you can press the device’s menu button and click Settings when you are on the Home Screen. The device itself gives Android Updates; however, you can also download the update through Samsung Kies on your computer. If there is an update available and if you connect your device to your computer through a USB, updates will automatically be uploaded to your Android phone.



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  • Step 3: Open your device’s information

Another step to update an Android phone is to find the About Phone option on the bottom of the Settings List. After you find this, click on it and find the device’s information displayed on your screen.

  • Step 4: System Updates

Tap on the System Updates or the Software Updates button now. This is another important step for ensuring update an Android phone.



  • Step 5: Check if Updates are available

Now, click on the Check Now option, in order to let your device check if any updates are available. The manufacturer of your mobile and the mobile service provider are both responsible for the Update availability. If an update is available, the update will begin downloading itself on your mobile phone. This could take a while and your mobile will need to be connected to your Wi-Fi network.

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  • Step 6: Job Done!

Now, after the update has finished downloading there is a need for the device to restart, in order to install the software. The mobile phone will become inoperable in this case. To ensure that the battery does not run out, plug in your device into the charger. Reboot your device by pressing the power key and up or down button, in case you mobile does not turn on.




This is the last step of ensuring the update of an Android phone and now you are good to go. Use your new phone with new functionality and features easily by knowing How to Update an Android phone.

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