How to Stop Internet Addiction? Mobile App Will Help You

Yes, internet addiction is a thing now. Many people are addicted to it and most of their productive hours are wasted just like that. So, How to Stop Internet Addiction? Mobile App will help you.

A mobile app named ‘Offtime’ has been on the market for long and it just needs your attention if you are one of those who are addicted to the internet. Sounds, unbelievable but this application truly is your savior. Offtime simply helps you Unplug without Missing Out. The application was selected as one of the 100 “Best Apps of 2014″ by Google. The application has gained many positive reviews and helped people to focus on their work, personal stuff solved their problem caused by internet distractions. Offtime helps to limit your phone usage by helping you track and customize your connectivity.

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This is how it works

As already mentioned the application is specially designed to let you unplug without missing urgent matters. To be more precise, Offtime has a feature to whitelist your special contacts like your partner or children, but otherwise shuts down apps, calls, texts, and emails. For more convenience, the application has an added feature to auto-respond to incoming messages on your behalf. What more do you want? The application has gained much popularity because it maintains a careful activity log of everything you missed while away so you can quickly catch up. Offtime surely helps you detox your life from internet addiction.

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Other major features provided by Offtime includes providing information about your usage of your phone, as its predecessors did, charting out hours spent on the device. The app even details about which individual apps are the largest time-killers. Now, isn’t that great? Hence, for those who are thinking about how to Stop Internet Addiction? Mobile App will help you, Offtime will help you.

Quality time and an undivided attention are not far away with the use of Offtime. The snapshot of the features of the application includes blocking calls, texts, and notifications while keeping calls and texts from VIP contacts remain unblocked, providing comprehensive list of missed phone activities and sending out custom auto-replies, limiting the overall usage of the phone by restricting your access to apps and internet and using reminders that alarm about excessive usage. Enjoy offtime! Enjoy distraction free life!

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How to Stop Internet Addiction?

Despite gaining so much popularity, Offtime is often prone to criticisms on the ground of requiring so many permissions. However, these permissions are very much necessary because the goal of the application is to intervene with and track some of the phones core functions which require your permission.  One thing to be noted though, if you really want to be locked out you can give the app additional administrator rights. There is no doubt that people love this app all over the world but the app itself is not free of problems. People have found problems in the app when it comes closing apps that they have whitelisted. For example, It tends to close some of the phone settings even when I whitelist it.

Despite any problem that has been reported, Offtime has widely been accepted application that has helped people to get out of internet addiction. So, if you are wondering how to Stop Internet Addiction? Mobile App will help you, Offtime will help you. Download the app on iTunes and Play Store now; see what wonders it will bring for you.

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