How to Improve WiFi Reception? Follow best ways

with everything from tablets to phones to laptops requiring a 24/7 WiFi service in this era, it is important to known how to improve WiFi reception for the optimum results. Do not let your precious WiFi connection get lost. Follow the below-mentioned steps and help yourselves improve WiFi reception for better browsing.

Best ways to Improve WiFi Reception

Improving WiFi reception at your home

Follow the below-mentioned steps to improve WiFi reception at home.

1. Place large furniture along the exterior walls

If the singles do not have to pass through large furniture, your WiFi reception will automatically be better.

2. Less mirrors

Metallic surfaces, especially mirror reflect WiFi signals, making reception worse.

3. Router placing

To maximize, optimize and make the performance of router effective, consider the following points.

  • A router should be placed at the center of the house on a top floor as radio waves travel down and laterally.
  • Ideally, routers should be placed on a wall or a high shelf.
  • Routers should be placed at a maximum distance away from your neighbor’s router.
  • They should be placed away from other devices which give rise to radio waves, like cordless phones and microwaves.
  • Away from baby monitors, halogen lamps, computer wires and power cords.

4. Use a repeater or a wireless bridge

If none of the methods improves WiFi reception, consider suing a wireless signal repeater. These repeaters extend the coverage without the hassle and without the need of more wires. The repeater should be ideally placed halfway between your access point and the computer.

  • Ethernet converter or a wireless bridge can also be used to get better reception for routers. Try the Ethernet converter to get a few more bars in your wireless connection.

5. Change your security algorithm

Change from WEP to WPA/WPA2 encryption to keep hackers from entering your system and hogging up your WiFi connection.

6. Limit the number of devices using your WiFi

Using MAC addresses, you can easily limit the number of devices that can access your WiFi connection. The fewer devices supported, the more speed you get. MAC stands for Media Access Control and is an identifier of phones, tablets or computers.

  • Find the devices MAC addresses.
  • Create a device access list of these MAC addresses.
  • Go to the access point’s configuration screen and set the addresses that will get the WiFi connection. Green light indicates availability.

7. Don’t make the network name public

To help your signal from being mooched off potentially, hide the network name.

  • Go to the access point’s admin page
  • Uncheck on Enable SSID Broadcast
  • You can access your network by searching the SSID name but it won’t appears on the computer or mobile WiFi list of people who don’t know the SSID name.

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Kitchen foil

The kitchen foil hanging around in your kitchen can also help improve the WiFi connection.

1. Use an aluminum foil

This will help the wireless signals of your router to be reflected.

2. Before you begin, go to the Network and sharing center in the computer

  • Click the name of the WiFi.
  • Check the speed in Mbps and note the number displayed.
  • Tear the sheet of a foil that is equal the size of a normal printing paper.

3. Curve the sheet

To curve the sheet, wrap it around the label area of a 2-liter soda bottle. Hold the aluminum sheet there for a few seconds and unwrap it.

4. Place the curved sheet of foil on its side behind your router

5. Return to the Network and Sharing Center in your computer

Check the speed in Mbps. This should be faster than the original speed earlier.

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How to improve WiFi reception while traveling

1. Set the adapter settings

Maximize covered from Power Management by setting it to Maximum. Set Transmit Power to Maximum and Throughput Enhancement to Enabled.

2. If no WiFi is found, turn off the adapter

If no WiFi is found anywhere, simply turn the adapter off. You can switch it back on after you reach a town.

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