How to Delete an Apple ID? Follow 3 Steps

While there is no official way that can be sued to actually delete an Apple Id, you can actually persuade the Customer Service Department to do so. Ask the right way, remove personal information or disable iMessage to receive SMS. How to delete an Apple ID? What are the methods employed? Read on to find out. Make sure that you actually want to delete the ID. You should know that this will remove your access to purchase and all kinds of associated services. These services include iCloud Main, iMessage, iCloud Drive and much more.

  • To retain account and purchase, you can simply change your account information. This will help you leave the account dormant.
  • For switching from iPhone to another type of phone, you can DisableiMessage.






1. Permanent Deletion

  • Remove all associated email addresses from your account. After permanently deleting the ID you will not be able to create a new one using that email address ever again. You can also not use any other associated emails to create another apple id. Visit, go to edit and click X next to each email address that you want to remove.
  • Generate a security PIN which is required for support when deleting the account. Go to, go to the Security Section and click on Generate PIN.
  • Back up files and important emails. Move emails from iCloud to the inbox of your computer. Copy the comments saves in iCloud and transfer it to your computer. Back up the images stored in iCloud before deleting the account.
  • Find out the apple ID Account security number for your region. Call the number and explain that you want your ID deleted. Confirm that you are okay with it. The email address can now not be used to create an apple id in the future.



2. Dormant account

The steps mentioned are for creating a dormant account.

  • Go to iTunes, click on store menu and select View My Apple ID before clicking the Deauthorize All button. This is to ensure that all the devices which have your Apple ID will be removed. Go to Manage Devices and remove all the devices.
  • Remove the Apple ID also from your iOS device by going to settings, tapping iTunes and App Store and tapping Sign Out.
  • Login to and remove all personal information from it. You can also edit and put fake information in it. Also, delete your payment details and change the email account of your Apple ID. You can even use your old email account to create a new Apple ID. Also, sing out of your account. This will make your ID dormant.



3. Disabling Message

This can be done suing the Deregister iMessae app. Visit Enter your phone number in the space specified and you will receive a text message with a code. Use the received code and your iMessage account will be successfully de-registered.




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