How to Choose a Smartphone? Follow 7 Steps

Smartphone in the present day has established like a part of human body. We feel odd if there is no smartphone in our pocket. The smartphone has made the lifestyle easier. Applications installed on the smartphone are helping the human in the different field. You can contact people, stay updated, take and share photos in social media, play music and game, deal with people or organization with the help of your smartphone. But in the same, when anyone goes to buy a smartphone it is sure he or she will be in dilemma for the right selection. In the current time news like an explosion of battery has also made the situation worst. So it is sure people are in tension about their selection. Here are some tips before you buy a smartphone.



When you are going to buy a smartphone you should care about the size of a smartphone. The size of the screen also determines a lot of things like your comfort. If you generally carry a purse with you then you can go to phablet, which has size over 5 inches diagonal. But if you feel you don’t carry a purse than 5 inches will be the right choice.


Though a bigger phone might have that in mind and include a bigger battery, it will be a good idea to check what the expected battery life of the product is to decide if it will be enough for you. But in comparison to the phablet, small screen smartphone will be better. It is much easier to carry, it is portable, and they will consume less battery than a bigger one.

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Smartphones has RAM, ROM and Internal Storage like of the computer. They play a crucial role in the functioning of the smartphone. ROM stores the most important information and is generally faster than RAM, but is smaller if not including internal storage. RAM is special for storing a lot more information and will store data on programs currently running. When you are using apps in your phone it needs a part of RAM and some applications like games needs more RAM and operating system also needs RAM.


If you want your smartphone run smoothly then you need more RAM. But if you don’t like to play the games or use many applications than you can go to less operating system. The operating system of your phone is always stored in ROM, and another section allows for other application to be installed. But if your smartphone has large internal storage then you must not have to worry about the ROM. But you must be careful about the space which is available for application.

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The processor is the brain of the device and this controls all the part of a device. You need to know about the number of cores and the clock speed of the processor before you buy a new smartphone. The processor has multiple cores and these determine how the phone is. If a phone doesn’t have multiple cores then you are looking for older one. It may cost low than the other phone but it cannot perform bitterly like other.


The clock speed of the processor tells how cores can process. If you it with MHz then it is the older one and it cannot perform better like other. But most of the cores run speed in GHz. Once, you know about the clock speed you can easily compare one phone with other. Some phones also have background programs that will take the processing power of the device, thus making its ability to perform other tasks a bit slower. If you’ve narrowed down the devices you’re looking at, you can check out their benchmark scores.

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Nowadays in Smartphones there are mainly three types of operating systems; iOS, android, and Microsoft. iOS is Apple’s operating system. It is a good choice for you. In this operating system, if you are running in a problem, another person with iOS operating can help you. This operating system can run easily in an iPhone with less RAM and weak CPU than other devices. But iOS have also some restrictions. This requires the use of iTunes for adding music instead of allowing other music players. But it had also developed more than one million apps so it is easy to find.


Another operating system used in smartphones is the android operating system. This system is known for its flexibility and customizability. You can change your keyboard from QWERTY to DVORAK and make a quick shake of the phone end a phone call start or to text a message. In comparison to iOS, Android’s Google Play app store has more than one million apps and makes users use it friendly.

Windows phone is also known as a smooth and stylish interface. You can experience PC operating system on your hand. And another operating system is of BalckBerry, which is considered as a secured platform. But in comparison to iOS and Android system it has few apps.

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You should also have to be careful about the connectivity of phones. Mobile carriers can use a number of different frequencies for connecting to devices, and most smartphones have specially designed with the intention of connecting to specific networks, so a phone bought one place might never work somewhere else.

CDMA is a very common connection in the U.S. CDMA has reputation for better call quality than GSM but GSM is popular globally. GSM does not have limitation like of CDMA.



A screen of the smartphone determines a lot in the selection. The quality of the screen is determined by the pixel density, like how many pixels fit on an inch-long line. The more pixels that fit, the sharper images can be and the better the display. In terms of the touch interface, you will find capacitive, resistive, multi-touch and many more types of screens.


Among these multi-touch will give you a lot of interaction with your phone.You can easily zoom in and out. Another type of screen that supports a stylus may be helpful if you have big fingers. When you are checking the screen of a phone you can see if it type easily, draw a straight line, and touch the other button nearby of any words.

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Apart from hardware and software, smartphones have a lot of another way to connect. Some common connections of the smartphones are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB infrared and so on. Wi-Fi helps you to connect with the internet when you are at home, office or at anywhere.

You can save your mobile data. USB is the standard wired connection. Many devices run USB 2.0, but USB 3.0 is the latest version and runs significantly faster than the older version, allowing you to load up your phone with music or movies much faster than USB 2.0.


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